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Chihiro Suzuki’s Stunning Upset at Super RIZIN 2

Read about Chihiro Suzuki’s stunning upset victory over Patricio “Pitbull” Freire at Super RIZIN 2. Suzuki’s first-round knockout has left the MMA world in awe.

Event Result
Super RIZIN 2 Chihiro Suzuki defeats Patricio “Pitbull” Freire via first-round knockout
RIZIN 43 Chihiro Suzuki vs. Kleber Koike ends in a no-contest due to Koike’s ineligibility to win

Chihiro Suzuki’s victory over Patricio “Pitbull” Freire at Super RIZIN 2 has garnered significant attention in the MMA community. Suzuki’s first-round knockout showcased his skill and determination. In a previous title fight against Kleber Koike, the match ended in a no-contest due to Koike’s failure to make weight. Suzuki’s journey to Super RIZIN 2 has been filled with challenges and opportunities, and he is now aiming for a rematch with Patricio.

Chihiro Suzuki’s Remarkable Victory

Chihiro Suzuki made waves in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with his shocking win at Super RIZIN 2. The event took place on July 30, 2023, and Suzuki’s first-round knockout of the former two-division and multi-time Bellator champion, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire, left fans in awe.

Suzuki, with a record of 11-3, 1 no contest, entered the fight with determination after a recent defeat in a RIZIN Featherweight title bout. Despite having less than five days’ notice, Suzuki dominated the match, overwhelming Pitbull with a relentless barrage of punches.

Looking ahead, Suzuki believes a rematch with Patricio, this time with a proper fight camp, is in order. He acknowledges that there are still skeptics who consider his victory a fluke and wants to prove them wrong. However, he also recognizes the opportunity presented by RIZIN and contemplates going after the RIZIN title, currently held by Vugar Karamov.

The path to Super RIZIN 2 was not straightforward for Suzuki. His previous title fight against Kleber Koike at RIZIN 43 resulted in a unique scenario. Koike failed to make the 145-pound championship weight limit and was stripped of his title on the scales. Although Koike submitted Suzuki with an armbar in the first round, the fight was declared a no-contest due to Koike’s ineligibility to win.

Super RIZIN 2 was a testament to the collaboration between RIZIN and Bellator. Originally, Suzuki and Pitbull were not scheduled to compete at the event. However, when A.J. McKee withdrew from his fight against Pitbull’s older brother, Patricky, both promotions seized the opportunity and delivered an unforgettable matchup.

Suzuki’s desire for redemption against Koike remains strong. Despite his young age, he understands the importance of continuous improvement. If he continues his winning streak and secures a victory over Karamov, a potential rematch with Pitbull could become an even more significant event.

Suzuki’s aspiration is to become the face of RIZIN. A fight between the RIZIN champion and the Bellator champion would be a remarkable spectacle, and he hopes to make it a reality.

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