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Controversial Tactics and Cheap Tricks: Priscila Cachoeira’s Reputation in MMA

Discover the controversial tactics and cheap tricks of Priscila Cachoeira in MMA. Read about her clash with Miranda Maverick and the foul play that tarnished her reputation.

Flyweight standout Priscila Cachoeira is quickly developing a reputation in the sport of mixed martial arts , and it’s not the type of reputation you typically want to be associated with.

Maverick Dominates, but Controversy Arises

On Saturday night, ‘Zombie Girl’ returned to the Octagon for a clash with Miranda Maverick in the evening’s opening bout. Maverick largely dominated the contest up until scoring a third-round submission via armbar, but fans were quick to notice a series of events that brought Cachoeira’s credibility into question.

During the bout, Cachoeira was criticized by fans online for some egregious cage grabs while trying to avoid Maverick’s wrestle-heavy approach. However, it wasn’t until after the bout was over that fans noticed some other cheap tactics deployed by ‘Zombie Girl’ inside the Octagon.

Early in the third round, Maverick moved in for a takedown and managed to wrestle Cachoeira to the ground, immediately moving into side control. As Maverick began to drop some elbows, Cachoeira can be seen pulling on Maverick’s top, attempting to cause a wardrobe malfunction that might buy her enough time to fight out of the position.

Maverick Speaks Out

Addressing the blatant foul in her post-fight interview, Maverick suggested that the referee should have deducted a point. She also mentioned that Cachoeira had intentionally kept her fingers pointed outward throughout the majority of the match.

‘At some point, you gotta say it’s a point [deduction],’ Maverick said during her appearance at the post-event press conference. ‘She stuck her fingers up straight the entire fight pretty much and there was no chance she was just trying to push me off. There was no flat hands. I had warned the ref beforehand and to be honest, he did about as good of a job as I’ve seen any ref do. I said ‘Listen, I don’t want poked in the eyes in this fight.’ That was my main priority and he was like, ‘Alright, we’ll watch out for it.’

‘You know, I hope the whole world didn’t see me, but they probably did,’ Maverick said while gesturing to her chest. ‘I guess that’s part of the risk of fighting, but it’s very frustrating and it made me go in there that much angrier every round’ (h/t LowKick MMA).

Cachoeira’s History of Cheap Tactics

That wasn’t the only cheap trick that Priscila Cachoeira attempted to use to her advantage at UFC 291. During the fight-ending sequence in the third round, ‘Zombie Girl’ found herself in an armbar with little option other than to tap out. At one point, Cachoeira delivers what many in the MMA community refer to as a ‘Brazilian tap.’ It’s when a fighter taps once, giving their opponent the impression that they’ve tapped out, tricking them into loosening the hold. Fortunately, Miranda Maverick did not fall for it and continued to apply pressure until Cachoeira had no choice but to tap out in definitive fashion.

In 2021, ‘Zombie Girl’ made a blatant attempt to eye gouge Gillian Robertson in an effort to get out of a rear-naked choke. Cachoeira was even called out on the broadcast for doing so. With the infractions piling up, is Priscila Cachoeira the dirtiest player in the game today?

Fight Results
Miranda Maverick def. Priscila Cachoeira via Submission (Armbar) – Round 3


  • Priscila Cachoeira’s reputation in MMA is tarnished by controversial tactics and cheap tricks.
  • During her fight against Miranda Maverick, Cachoeira was criticized for cage grabs and attempting a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Maverick spoke out about the foul and suggested a point deduction for Cachoeira.
  • Cachoeira has a history of using cheap tactics, including a ‘Brazilian tap’ and eye gouging.


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