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Demetrious Johnson’s Training Secrets Revealed: How He Became a Champion

Discover the training secrets of Demetrious Johnson, the reigning ONE flyweight world champion. Learn how his selective use of sparring sessions has contributed to his success and career longevity.

Demetrious Johnson: The Journey to Becoming a Champion

Demetrious Johnson, the reigning ONE flyweight world champion, has achieved great success in MMA through his dedicated training. His relentless work ethic and strategic approach have earned him multiple world titles. One of the key elements of Johnson’s training regimen is his selective use of sparring sessions, which he attributes to his long-lasting career and success.

Unlike many fighters who engage in frequent sparring, Johnson only spars when preparing for a scheduled fight. This approach allows him to avoid unnecessary damage and potential injuries that can occur during intense training sessions. Johnson believes that by sparing himself unnecessary wear and tear, he can maintain his physical and mental well-being, ultimately leading to better performance in the cage.

Johnson’s adherence to this training philosophy was evident in his preparation for his trilogy fight with Adriano Moraes at ONE Fight Night 10 in May 2023. This historic event marked ONE Championship ‘s first-ever on-ground event in the U.S., and Johnson’s meticulous training paid off as he emerged victorious.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, the 36-year-old American revealed that he has continued to follow this blueprint even after his fight with Moraes. Johnson stated, "I haven’t sparred in mixed martial arts since May, maybe April is probably the last time I did any sparring in mixed martial arts whatsoever." This disciplined approach to training has allowed Johnson to stay sharp and maintain his skills without unnecessary risks.

With no upcoming opponent on the horizon, Johnson has several options for his next move. As one of the most respected fighters in the sport, he can choose to face other top contenders like Reece McLaren, engage in another special rules super fight similar to his match with Rodtang, or explore opportunities in other combat sports such as submission grappling.

Prime Video subscribers in North America have the opportunity to rewatch ONE Championship ‘s Amazon cards for free, including Johnson’s memorable fights. To catch the full interview with Demetrious Johnson, click [here](link to the interview).

Fight Results
Demetrious Johnson vs. Adriano Moraes
Winner: Demetrious Johnson

Key Points
Demetrious Johnson’s selective use of sparring sessions has contributed to his success
He hasn’t sparred since his fight with Adriano Moraes
Johnson is considering his next move, which could include facing other top contenders or exploring other combat sports

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