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Exclusive: ONE Champion Kade Ruotolo’s Musical Journey Revealed!

Discover the musical world of ONE Champion Kade Ruotolo as he shares his love for reggae music and its impact on his training. Dive into his journey from BJJ to MMA and his favorite band, Tribal Seeds!

ONE Champion Kade Ruotolo’s musical journey unfolds as he delves into his deep-rooted passion for reggae music and its influence on his training. Transitioning from BJJ to MMA, Ruotolo emphasizes the role of music in his undefeated streak. Discover his favorite band, Tribal Seeds, and the special connection he shares with them.

Kade Ruotolo: The Rising Star of MMA Music

Reigning ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Champion Kade Ruotolo is gearing up for his highly anticipated MMA debut against Hawaiian slugger Blake Cooper. The clash is set to take place on June 7 at ONE 167: Stamp vs. Zamboanga on Prime Video. Ahead of this epic showdown, Ruotolo shared his deep-rooted passion for reggae music.

Musical Influence

Inspired by his parents, the young Californian has been immersed in reggae since childhood. Ruotolo finds the genre’s mellow tempo, heavy bass, and melodic vocals to be the perfect accompaniment to his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training sessions. He emphasized, ‘I love reggae music. It’s been a part of my life since day one. It sets the rhythm for my BJJ practice, allowing me to get lost in the songs while training.’

Transition to MMA

While reggae remains his go-to for BJJ, Ruotolo has diversified his playlist for MMA sparring sessions. He switches to more intense genres like rap to elevate his energy levels and get into ‘kill mode.’ The 21-year-old believes that music plays a crucial role in his training, contributing to his undefeated streak in ONE.

Musical Motivation

Ruotolo highlighted the connection between music and fighting, stating, ‘Music has a rhythm similar to fighting. Being in sync with the music sets the tone for my matches. It’s all about finding that rhythm and translating it into my performance.’

Favorite Band: Tribal Seeds

As Ruotolo prepares for his upcoming bout, he has been vibing to the sounds of Tribal Seeds, a reggae band from San Diego. He expressed his admiration for the group, sharing, ‘Tribal Seeds is top-notch. Their music has been a constant in my training routine. I’ve listened to every track they’ve produced.’

Special Connection

Both Kade and his twin brother, Tye Ruotolo, have used Tribal Seeds’ music as their walkout song in ONE Championship. The band’s ties to San Diego have forged a unique bond with the Ruotolo brothers, culminating in mutual support and shared experiences.

Bright Future

Ruotolo’s musical journey intertwines with his fighting career, creating a harmonious blend of rhythm and resilience. As he steps into the MMA arena, accompanied by the beats that fuel his passion, the world awaits the next chapter of this rising star’s story.