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Finding Balance: A Fighter’s Journey

Discover the inspiring journey of Trey Ogden, a fighter and coach who defies the concept of balance. Learn how he manages to juggle training UFC fighters, running a busy gym, and competing himself. Find out how embracing chaos and dedicating oneself fully can lead to success.

Key Points
Trey Ogden’s approach to balance in life and MMA
Embracing chaos and overwhelming busyness as signs of progress
The importance of going all-in and avoiding a part-time mentality
Trey Ogden’s dedication to coaching, running a busy gym, and competing
The power of embracing chaos and pursuing greatness

In the world of mixed martial arts, finding balance is no easy task. Just ask Trey Ogden, the man behind Marathon MMA in Overland Park, Kansas. With a team of UFC fighters to train and his own upcoming fight against Nikolas Motta, Ogden is constantly asked how he manages to balance it all. His answer? There is no balance.

Ogden, a man in his thirties, believes that this is the time in life to build, climb, and grind. He sees the abundance of time and energy as an opportunity to work all day, dedicating himself fully to his coaching and competing. Despite the lack of free time, Ogden embraces the chaos and overwhelming busyness as signs of progress and success.

Growing up with a businessman father, Ogden learned that the most productive moments are often the most hectic. He thrives in the midst of chaos, knowing that it means things are going right. As the boss of Marathon MMA, he has chosen this path and willingly accepted the challenges that come with it.

While many may consider themselves hard workers, Ogden believes that true dedication means going all-in, without any part-time mentality. He pours his heart and soul into his coaching, ensuring that his gym is as busy as possible while still finding time to compete himself. For him, these commitments are not burdens but blessings.

In a world where balance seems elusive, Trey Ogden shows us that it’s not about finding a perfect equilibrium. It’s about embracing the chaos, pushing limits, and pursuing greatness. His journey as a fighter and coach is a testament to the power of dedication and the rewards that come from giving it your all.