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Is Nate Diaz’s Boxing Good Enough to Beat Jake Paul?

Will Nate Diaz’s boxing skills be enough to defeat Jake Paul? Read on to find out what MMA fighter Randy Brown thinks and get insights into the upcoming fight.

Key Points
Nate Diaz’s boxing skills will be tested against Jake Paul on August 5.

A lot of MMA fighters seem to have varying ideas about how good Nate Diaz’s boxing actually is ahead of his fight with Jake Paul on August 5. Whilst the stories of the Diaz brothers holding their own against pro boxers and world champions have always circulated in MMA, Nate’s skills will get put to the test inside a ring for the first time against the YouTuber turned boxer.

Randy Brown Weighs In

The latest to weigh in with his thoughts on the fight is UFC welterweight contender Randy Brown who spoke about the fight in an interview with Inside Fighting. As an MMA fighter himself, Brown made it clear when teammates Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren both stepped up to face Jake Paul that just because they are mixed martial artists, doesn’t mean they’re good at boxing.

Nate Diaz’s Boxing Style

Fresh off his win over Wellington Turman at the end of June, Brown said that despite all of the talk around the Diaz brothers, he doesn’t see Nate’s style being overly effective. "I think Nate Diaz doesn’t have great boxing, I think he has great elements of boxing, I think there’s things that he incorporates well from boxing in his game and he has great drop punches because he carries his hands very high so there’s no tell and then he just drops them on you".

Predicting the Outcome

After speaking about the areas of boxing that Diaz has been able to latch onto and integrate into his MMA style, Brown then went on to predict the outcome of the fight. Though he may have suffered defeat for the first time in his last fight with Tommy Fury, the facts remain that Paul has put a lot of time into boxing now. With six pro wins under his belt, including a unanimous decision against the soon to be UFC hall of famer, Anderson Silva, he has dedicated himself to the sport so whilst the toughness and cardio of the Diaz brothers is legendary, Randy "Rude Boy" Brown isn’t sure that it’ll be enough on the night. "I think he [Diaz] gets destroyed in a boxing match. Jake Paul is a boxer by this point, we have to give credit where credit is due and he’s a boxer. He might not be an extremely high-level boxer but at this point he’s boxing primarily you know that’s where he spend most of his time whereas a lot of MMA fighters we have to split our time between so many different things. It’s been a few years now, realistically I look at him now as a really good amateur".


In conclusion, the upcoming fight between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul has sparked a debate among MMA fighters regarding Diaz’s boxing skills. While some believe that Diaz has incorporated elements of boxing into his game, others like Randy Brown doubt the effectiveness of his boxing style. Brown predicts that Paul, who has dedicated himself to boxing, will likely come out on top in the match. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this clash of styles.

Fighter Result
Nate Diaz TBD
Jake Paul TBD