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Jake Paul Offers Nate Diaz $10 Million Rematch in MMA

Jake Paul challenges Nate Diaz to a $10 million rematch in MMA after defeating him in a highly-anticipated boxing debut. Will Diaz accept the offer for a chance at redemption?

Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned boxer, shocked the world with his victory over former UFC legend Nate Diaz in a highly-anticipated boxing debut. Now, Paul is looking to take their rivalry to the next level by challenging Diaz to a rematch in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

The epic showdown between Paul and Diaz took place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. In a thrilling bout, Paul emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision win over his opponent. The fight was filled with intense moments and showcased Paul’s impressive boxing skills.

Following the fight, Paul wasted no time in extending an offer to Diaz for a rematch. However, there was a catch. Paul wants the rematch to take place in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) smart cage, a state-of-the-art MMA arena.

To sweeten the deal, Paul attached a staggering $10 million price tag to the rematch. This offer has undoubtedly caught the attention of fight fans around the world, who are eagerly awaiting Diaz’s response.

Initially, Diaz declined the offer to fight in the PFL, citing his reluctance to compete in that organization. However, after his loss to Paul, Diaz seems to have had a change of heart. In a post-fight interview with ESPN, Diaz expressed his desire for a rematch, stating, "I just lost, I would like to rematch him in this to beat him in this. But if not, I would do [MMA]. Whatever I got to do to get a rematch. I got to win … whatever we got to do, let’s get it popping, me and him for sure."

If the rematch were to happen in the world of MMA, it would be a significant moment for both fighters. For Paul, it would mark his MMA debut, mirroring Diaz’s boxing debut in their first encounter. The clash of styles and skills in the MMA arena would undoubtedly add another layer of excitement to their rivalry.

As fight fans eagerly await Diaz’s decision, the world of combat sports is buzzing with anticipation. Will Diaz accept Paul’s offer and step into the PFL smart cage for a chance at redemption? Only time will tell.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Jake Paul Win (Unanimous)
Nate Diaz Loss (Unanimous)

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