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Jarred Brooks Ready to Take on Flyweight Contenders and Defend His Title

Jarred Brooks, the fearless strawweight MMA king, is ready to defend his title against flyweight contenders. Learn more about his upcoming match and his determination to prove his skills.

Jarred Brooks: The Fearless Strawweight MMA King

Jarred Brooks, the reigning strawweight MMA king, is gearing up for a challenging match against flyweight ONE submission grappling champion Mikey Musumeci. Despite the upcoming battle, Brooks is determined to prove that he is not running away from the contenders in his division. In a recent interview, he boldly stated, "Keep on calling my name and I will shut you up and put you to sleep, period. I want to fight all of you. You need to shut the f*** up and we’ll fight."

Brooks, who claimed the title by defeating former champion Joshua Pacio in Manila last December, has been called out for a rematch by Pacio and another former opponent, Bokang Masunyane of South Africa. Additionally, he faces fresh competition from Cuba’s Gustavo Balart and Russian newcomer Mansur Malachiev, both ranked in the top five of the division.

Responding to accusations that he is avoiding fights, Brooks declared, "I am telling you right now, I will not run from any of you. If you guys keep on calling me out on Instagram, I will come to Russia, I will come to South Africa, I will come to Cuba, and I will come to the Philippines, and I will beat your ass myself. It doesn’t matter. I’m tired of all of you telling me that I am afraid of a fight."

Brooks is eager to prove his fearlessness by taking on the challenge of facing Mikey Musumeci, who is undefeated in ONE. He acknowledges Musumeci’s skill in submission grappling, comparing him to the legendary Michael Jordan. Brooks believes that if he can be aggressive, fast, and use his strength against Musumeci, he has a chance at victory. "If I’m able to get Mikey’s head, which I know he doesn’t like, that would be a huge thing for me," Brooks stated.

In a playful display of camaraderie, Brooks and Musumeci engaged in a tussle during the face-off, with Brooks attempting a single leg takedown and Musumeci putting him in a headlock. Despite the friendly interaction, Brooks remains confident and sees a slight advantage in Musumeci’s demeanor. "I love Mikey, I love his family," Brooks expressed. "But I’m not afraid of Mikey and when we were facing off I could see a little tremble in his lip. Hopefully that gives me a little bit of an advantage. I know I’m at a huge disadvantage, but I’m going to prove to each and every one of you doubters that I am the best at anything that I put my mind to."