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Zhang Weili Breaks Record for Most Strikes Thrown in Historic Victory

Zhang Weili breaks the record for the most strikes thrown in a historic victory. Read about her incredible display of grappling and heart inside TD Garden.

Read about Zhang Weili’s historic victory and record-breaking performance in this article. Discover her thoughts on the fight, her legacy, and future plans.

Inside TD Garden, Zhang Weili, the reigning strawberry champion of the world, showcased an incredible display of grappling and heart. In an interview after the fight, Whaley expressed her feelings about the intense match and his record-breaking performance. When asked about her mindset during the first round, which was filled with intense moments, Whaley calmly stated that she didn’t feel panicked as she knew the danger was not that great.

Zhang Weili – Most Strikes Thrown by a Woman in UFC history

She mentioned that her opponent only caught her backpack and not her neck, so she remained composed. As the fight progressed, Weili’s performance improved, and she broke the record for the most strikes thrown by any woman in a fight, surpassing Valentina Shevchenko. However, she humbly admitted that she had no idea about breaking the record until it was mentioned to her.

Throughout her fight camp, Whaley focused on challenging herself and becoming a better version of herself every day. She emphasized that her only opponent was herself. Weili also reflected on the significance of this fight in terms of her legacy as a martial artist. Despite her victory, she believes that she still has a long way to go before becoming a legend.

Zhang Weili acknowledged the importance of continuously working on his skills and improving as a martial artist. When asked about potential future opponents, Weili mentioned that everyone in the top five excites her, indicating her willingness to face any formidable challenger.

Weili also discussed the impact of changing her camp and introducing new coaches to her team. She believes that at different stages of her career, it is crucial to bring in fresh perspectives and learn new techniques. This decision has proven to be beneficial for her.

Throughout the fight, the crowd in Boston showed immense support for Weili, chanting her name. She expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support and stated that she feels at home in the arena.

As for her future plans, Weili expressed the need for a break before considering her next move.

She thanked everyone for their support and ended the interview on a positive note.