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Marcus Almeida Aims to Stay Undefeated in MMA Against Oumar Kane

Marcus Almeida, the 17-time BJJ World Champion, aims to stay undefeated in MMA as he faces Oumar Kane at ONE Fight Night 13. Almeida plans to showcase his all-around skills and expects a tough fight from Kane.

Marcus Almeida Looks to Extend Undefeated Streak in MMA

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, the 17-time BJJ World Champion, is set to compete in a heavyweight MMA bout against “Reug Reug” Oumar Kane at ONE Fight Night 13 : Allazov vs. Grigorian. Almeida, who has transitioned from grappling to MMA with a flawless 4-0 record, plans to showcase his well-rounded skills on Friday, August 4.

Since his switch to MMA, Almeida has faced a variety of opponents, each challenging different aspects of his skill set. Now, he is preparing to take on the Senegalese wrestling phenom, Oumar Kane, in what promises to be an exciting clash at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Almeida acknowledges the toughness of his opponent, noting Kane’s grappling background and strong foundation. He expects Kane to try and keep the fight standing, utilizing his takedown defense and striking skills. However, Almeida is ready for any scenario and is prepared to fight for the full three rounds if necessary.

While Almeida made a name for himself as a BJJ practitioner, his primary focus now is to showcase his development as a complete mixed martial artist. Although he still possesses a potent submission game, Almeida has been working on improving all areas of his MMA skill set. He plans to demonstrate some new techniques in his upcoming bout.

The matchup between Almeida and Kane has been scheduled twice before, but both times Kane withdrew. Almeida admits that the cancellations affected him, but he has learned from those experiences and is now focused on staying calm and prepared for whatever happens leading up to the fight.

As for the ONE Heavyweight MMA World Title, Almeida is not fixated on it. He trusts his coaches and manager to make the right decisions regarding his career, and he is content with gaining experience and taking one fight at a time. Almeida’s sole focus right now is on his upcoming bout with Kane.

In summary, Marcus Almeida is determined to maintain his undefeated record in MMA as he faces Oumar Kane at ONE Fight Night 13 . Almeida, a highly accomplished BJJ World Champion, has seamlessly transitioned to MMA and is eager to showcase his all-around skills. He expects a tough fight from Kane, but he is prepared for any scenario and has been working on new techniques. Almeida’s focus is solely on his upcoming bout and he is not concerned with the World Title picture at this time.

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