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Maurice Greene Questions Opponent’s BJJ Skills Ahead of PFL Semifinals

Maurice Greene questions Renan Ferreira’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills ahead of their PFL semifinals matchup. Read more to find out Greene’s doubts and expectations for the fight.

Professional Fighters League (PFL) Heavyweight semifinalist Maurice Greene is gearing up for his upcoming fight against Renan Ferreira in the main event of the 2023 PFL semifinals. Greene, also known as ‘The Crochet Boss,’ is determined to secure a victory and advance to the PFL finals to compete for the $1 million grand prize.

Despite the anticipation of an exciting striker’s showdown, Greene suspects that Ferreira will attempt to take him down due to a prevailing narrative that suggests Greene struggles to get back on his feet. In a recent interview with MMAmania.com, Greene expressed his doubts about his opponent’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) skills.

Greene, a former kickboxer, acknowledged Ferreira’s aggressive fighting style, stating, ‘He moves forward and throws everything with everything he has — that’s just his game.’ However, Greene remains confident in his ability to defend against takedowns, saying, ‘I don’t respect his jiu-jitsu game. I mean, yeah, he can take you down … I’ll get up.’

While Ferreira holds a BJJ black belt, Greene questions the legitimacy of his credentials. He expressed skepticism about Ferreira’s lineage and the origins of his black belt, stating, ‘That so-called black belt that buddy got, I just don’t understand where it came from. I haven’t seen much of his MMA jiu-jitsu, so I promise you he won’t hold me down. I want to know when and where Ferreira got his black belt. I just want to know where his lineage is at. Obviously, he can’t do that. Right? He hasn’t tried to defend it in any way, shape, or form. You know, I would expect somebody who has a legitimate black belt would defend his lineage, but there ain’t sh*t. Somebody probably gave him that black belt because he was like a purple or a brown belt, and he was getting close to a promotion, and he won a couple of fights.’

It remains to be seen how Ferreira will approach the fight, but Greene’s skepticism adds an intriguing element to their matchup. With only one submission victory in his 10 wins, Ferreira will need to prove himself against Greene’s defensive skills.

Stay tuned for more updates on the PFL semifinals and Greene’s quest for the $1 million grand prize!

Maurice Greene Renan Ferreira
Former kickboxer Aggressive fighting style
Doubts opponent’s BJJ skills Questions Ferreira’s black belt lineage
Confident in defending takedowns Ferreira’s limited submission victories