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Mikey Musumeci Talks Training Mark Zuckerberg, Demetrious Johnson Matchup

Mikey Musumeci talks training Mark Zuckerberg, Demetrious Johnson matchup. Stay updated with the latest news and updates on Mikey Musumeci’s training and upcoming fights.

Key Points
Mikey Musumeci wants to fight but there is no opponent available for him.
Mikey’s sister, Amanda Aliquin, is competing in the upcoming fight night.
Mikey hopes to have a matchup with Mighty Mouse in Singapore.
He is open to fighting anyone, including Jared Brooks.
Mikey has been training with Mark Zuckerberg and thinks he could do well in an Elon Musk fight.
He wants Mark to come to a ONE Championship event.
Mikey sends a message to his fans to tune in for his upcoming matches.

Move move in the ring you can hit me with the words all right what’s up everybody South China Morning Post here in Bangkok Thailand ahead of one fight night 12. you all know who this man is Mikey must imagine he’s not fighting yeah I’m good yeah I’m not fighting this week unfortunately I was begging them to put me on this card and um I want to fight still but uh there’s no one for me to fight so I’m stuck here just watching my sister yes your sister is here in the room she is grappling Amanda aliquin how is she gonna do is she getting that hand raised yeah I think so you know my sister worked really hard this Camp so um I think she’s so ready you know I’ve been treating with her every day um I see her winning this without a doubt all right well I also want to say happy birthday for last week 27. thank you good it was a good birthday just trained normal day for me yeah well I actually tried to bring you a birthday present Marquee uh what we’ve been talking about for a while I was going to get you some spicy rickets [Music] well it wasn’t carbon but it was uh a different place it was delicious and then I got you a vacuum packed uh you vacuum packed it yeah but then and the cab on the way home it wasn’t vacuum packed properly so it fell all over my shirt and shorts [Laughter] yeah I’m so sorry I tried I really tried next time we’ll get this we’ll get this done next time I’ll get you the proper Carbone this was a different one called Call Me Al but it was very decent oh it was very good yeah I’m so sorry I tried yeah it’s the thought that’s good thought yeah because every car they bother you about carbon right I know but I had a whole like ice pack situation yeah I had the cool bag and I was gonna like flag you down yesterday like yeah you’ve been eating uh so you’re trying some fried rice and things was that yeah how was it the food here is really good they’ve got pizza actually where it’s uh to the one I forgot the name but uh yeah but it was so good it was like all from Italy so you’re gonna take us come on yeah all right we’ll go later all right all right all right yeah well let’s get back to you then when are you hoping to get back in the cage in the ring uh I see there’s a big event in Singapore coming up in September maybe that sounds good to you yeah so um I told Sachi any week I’m down the fight um every Friday night I’ll fight every month I’ll fight if he wanted me every week I’m there so I don’t really care I just want to compete you know um hopefully September I could do the matchup Mighty Mouse in Singapore that’d be awesome you know I live in Singapore so it’d be super easy for me and um I think that will make Jiu Jitsu explode with that match yeah I heard that was gonna happen maybe in Qatar Doha they’re looking at that being the headliner for the first event there would you rather at Singapore or are you happy to go to Qatar and make history well I love Qatar also you know I spent some time in Qatar as well but um yeah any headline card uh I’m just blessed for this opportunity so I just want to get out there and have the match with Mighty Mouse and the sooner the better would be cool you know I just want to roll with him already and anyone else that wants to roll with me I’m down let’s do it well we were on a podcast I think a couple weeks ago we had uh the monkey God Jared Brooks drawway MMA champion he said he’d like to challenge you for your title what about that literally any Friday night fight he wants to compete with me I’m down like we could do it this Friday we could do it the next Friday we could do it the next Friday anytime he wants to compete with me I’m down any month anytime all right that sounds good to me I have to ask you as well about your new friend Mark Zuckerberg I’m sure you’ve signed an NDA or something you can’t talk too much about it but what’s it like coaching him and hanging out with him the founder of Facebook and meta you know Mark’s actually super cool you know um I got a lot of hate for training with him but he’s awesome yeah like I don’t know like we’re all I’m getting hit on his platform so everyone’s talking [ __ ] to me on his platform like if you’re gonna talk [ __ ] don’t use this platform but everyone is right so I don’t know he’s super nice and cool with me like we would train and then like three or four hours just hang out like for like lunch and dinner so super cool like good dude he’s hard-working strong like he’s a strong guy like he’s not weak you know like we’re around the same size and like he’s very strong for like my size so I see him doing super well in this Elon Musk fight you know I I think he could freaking solve him like I I don’t know I’m team Mark are you gonna be in his Corner if we do that fight Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg uh I’ll be rooting for him regardless I don’t know if I’ll be there but we’ll see I guess you were telling him about one Championship we know he likes to go and watch UFC a bit but were you saying try and come to a one championship event yeah so um he was going to come to my fight in the U.S like I was convincing him to come to that one but he just had a kid right so uh hopefully the next us card I’ll be on it and I could convince him to come and he’ll be in my corner up to here all right Marky musamishi thanks for speaking to us and uh final message for your fans what do you want to tell them uh nothing much just uh tune in for my next matches hopefully every month I’ll be here uh and I hope you guys could enjoy watching me fight the man the champ Darth rigatoni did I get that right yeah yeah sorry I couldn’t bring you my spicy that’s so nice to you hey what’s going on everybody Dom Lauer here from one Championship you are tuned into the best damn martial arts news Outlet anywhere in Asia scmp martial arts baby give him a follow

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