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PAWFC III: The Ultimate Showdown of Female MMA Fighters

Don’t miss PAWFC III, the ultimate showdown of female MMA fighters. Witness the incredible skills and passion of these fierce athletes as they battle for glory. Get all the details and watch the event on pay-per-view at Millions.co.

Matchup Fighters
Flyweight Title Match Larissa Mayara Carvalho vs. Kate Bacik
Bantamweight Match Danielle "Dropbear" Curtis vs. Alexis "Lexi" Rook
Pro Match Gillian Goh vs. Shawna Ram
Pro Match Khaya MacKillop vs. Miranda "She-Hulk" Barber
Atomweight Match Regan Gowing vs. Maria Nella
PAWFC MMA Amateur Fight Sosha Rockwood vs. Robyn Dunne
PAWFC MMA Amateur Fight Oceane Samson vs. Kerensky Fernandes

PAWFC III is set to be an unforgettable event, featuring top-notch matchups and special appearances by MMA legends Chuck Liddell and Cris Cyborg. Don’t miss out on this historic night of women’s MMA.

The highly anticipated Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship (PAWFC) III is just around the corner. On March 9, 2024, Calgary, Canada will be the battleground for the world’s top female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. PAWFC III promises to be a historic event, showcasing the incredible talent and skills of these fierce athletes.

PAWFC is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of women’s MMA, not only in Alberta and Canada but worldwide. This event is a celebration of the female fighters who have worked tirelessly to excel in their craft. It’s a platform for them to shine and prove their mettle.

The Flyweight Title Match will feature Larissa Mayara Carvalho from Brazil going head-to-head with Kate Bacik from the UK. In the Bantamweight division, Australian fighter Danielle "Dropbear" Curtis will take on Alexis "Lexi" Rook from the UK. These fights are guaranteed to be intense, as the competitors vie for the coveted title belt.

But that’s not all. PAWFC III will also showcase other thrilling matchups. Gillian Goh from Indonesia will face off against Shawna Ram from Canada, while Khaya MacKillop from Canada will go up against Ju Jitsu specialist Miranda "She-Hulk" Barber from the USA. The Atomweight match will see Regan Gowing from Canada take on Maria Nella from Greece. And in the PAWFC MMA Amateur Fight, Sosha Rockwood from the USA will battle Robyn Dunne from Canada, and Oceane Samson from France will go up against Kerensky Fernandes from the UK.

In addition to the exhilarating fights, PAWFC III will feature special appearances by legendary figures in the MMA world. Chuck Liddell, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, will present the title belt to the ring. Cris Cyborg, the only Grand Slam Champion in women’s MMA history, will also make an appearance. And celebrity commentator Felicia Spencer, the former Invicta FC Featherweight Champion, will provide expert analysis.

Calgary has become a hotbed for women’s MMA, and PAWFC is proud to contribute to its growth. This event offers female fighters a platform to showcase their skills and passion, bringing women’s MMA to the forefront of combat sports. Chuck Liddell himself acknowledges the significance of this event and the opportunity it provides for these athletes to shine.

To add to the excitement, PAWFC has recently announced the inclusion of Muay Thai matches in the championship event. Viewers can look forward to thrilling matchups like Victoria Bogden versus Brenda Vargas and Stephanie Quigg versus Chara Dimitoula. The event will also feature amateur Muay Thai fights, including Sahez Lohat versus Ami Lyczewski.

PAWFC III is a must-see event for MMA fans. Witness the passion, skill, and determination of these incredible fighters as they put everything on the line for glory. Don’t miss out on this historic event. For more information or to watch the event on pay-per-view, visit Millions.co. In-person tickets are also available for purchase at Showpass.

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