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Savannah Marshall Joins PFL for MMA Transition: A Cross-Sport Rematch in the Making

Savannah Marshall joins the PFL for an MMA transition, setting the stage for a cross-sport rematch with Claressa Shields. Learn more about this exciting development in the world of combat sports.

Savannah Marshall Signs Exclusive Deal with PFL

Savannah Marshall, the undisputed super-middleweight champion in boxing, has made the decision to transition to mixed martial arts (MMA) by signing an exclusive multi-year deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Marshall, with a remarkable 13-1 record in the ring, joins the likes of Claressa Shields and Amanda Serrano in the PFL, creating a formidable roster of boxing champions turned MMA fighters.

Marshall’s move to MMA comes after her highly anticipated showdown with Shields last October in London. The bout, which took place at The O2, garnered record viewership and ended with Shields winning via unanimous decision. Despite Marshall’s calls for a boxing rematch going unanswered, the opportunity for a cross-sport rematch now arises as both fighters find themselves in the PFL.

A Unique Cross-Sport Rematch

With Marshall and Shields now part of the same promotion, fans can look forward to a thrilling cross-sport rematch in the PFL. Shields, the only boxer in history to simultaneously hold all four major world titles in two weight classes, has been making waves in the MMA world since joining the PFL SmartCage. Marshall’s decision to transition to MMA sets the stage for an exciting clash between two elite fighters from different combat sports.

PFL’s Growing Roster of Boxing Champions

The addition of Savannah Marshall to the PFL further solidifies the organization’s commitment to showcasing top boxing talent in the world of MMA. Alongside Shields and Serrano, Marshall brings her impressive skills and championship pedigree to the PFL, elevating the competition and creating new opportunities for cross-sport matchups.

Summary of Key Points

Key Points
Savannah Marshall signs exclusive multi-year deal with PFL
Marshall transitions from boxing to MMA
Cross-sport rematch potential with Claressa Shields in the PFL
PFL’s growing roster of boxing champions turned MMA fighters