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Scottish Lightweight Stevie Ray Retires from MMA

Scottish lightweight fighter Stevie Ray has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. Read about his career highlights, comeback, and the challenges he faced in the PFL.

| Stevie Ray announces retirement from MMA
| Rise and fall in the UFC
| Comeback in the PFL
| Challenges in the 2023 season
| Farewell to the Octagon

Scottish lightweight fighter Stevie Ray has officially retired from mixed martial arts. He had a successful run in the UFC between 2015 and 2017, but setbacks led to his departure. Ray made a comeback in the PFL in 2022, but faced challenges in the 2023 season. Fans will always remember his impact on the sport.

Stevie Ray Announces Retirement

Scottish lightweight fighter Stevie Ray has officially announced his retirement from the world of mixed martial arts. With a career record of 25-13, Ray leaves behind a legacy of exciting fights and memorable moments.

Rise and Fall

Between 2015 and 2017, Ray experienced a surge in popularity as he dominated the lightweight division in the UFC. During this period, he achieved an impressive 5-1 record, showcasing his skills and earning the respect of fans and fellow fighters.

However, a series of setbacks including losses and injuries led to Ray’s departure from the UFC and a three-year hiatus from the sport. Many wondered if they had seen the last of the talented Scottish fighter.

Comeback in PFL

In 2022, Ray made a triumphant return to the cage, signing with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). He quickly proved that he still had what it takes to compete at the highest level, securing back-to-back victories over former UFC champion Anthony Pettis.

Challenges in 2023

Unfortunately, Ray’s momentum came to a halt in the 2023 regular season of the PFL. Despite his best efforts, he suffered two consecutive losses, leaving him with a 0-2 record for the season.

A Farewell to the Octagon

Stevie Ray’s retirement marks the end of an era in Scottish MMA. Fans will always remember his thrilling fights and the impact he had on the sport. While his journey may have had its ups and downs, Ray’s passion and dedication to MMA will never be forgotten.