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The Fighters with the Most Losses in MMA History

Discover the fighters with the most losses in MMA history. Jay Ellis, Jonathan Ivey, and Shannon Ritch have faced numerous defeats in their careers. Learn more about their records and the challenges they’ve overcome.

Fighter Losses Wins
Jay Ellis 109 16
Jonathan Ivey 58 33
Shannon Ritch 88 57

Jay Ellis holds the record for the most losses in MMA history with 109 defeats. Despite his losses, Ellis continues to fight and has only managed to collect 16 wins throughout his career. Jonathan Ivey has lost 58 times but has also accumulated 33 wins. Shannon Ritch, a veteran in the sport, has a record of 88 losses and 57 wins. These fighters’ records highlight the challenges and sacrifices they’ve faced in their careers.

When you think of fighters with a long list of losses , names like Tony Ferguson and Jeremy Stephens may come to mind. However, there are fighters who surpass them all in terms of losses . One such fighter is Jay Ellis, a 40-year-old MMA fighter who has recorded an astonishing 109 losses in his career. To put it into perspective, Ellis has lost almost double the number of bouts UFC veteran Jim Miller has ever fought.

Ellis’s determination is evident as he continues to fight despite his numerous defeats. His most recent bout was in January 2024, where he fell to Ricky Clabough via a first-round submission. Throughout his nearly two-decade-long career, Ellis has only managed to collect 16 wins, facing disappointment in both MMA and boxing bouts.

It’s worth noting that Ellis’s fights tend to end quickly, with him either getting knocked out or submitted. He has experienced extreme highs and lows in the sport, either going down or tapping out. While Ellis holds the record for the most losses , there are other fighters who have also achieved remarkable feats in coming up short.

Jonathan Ivey, for example, has lost a total of 58 times in his professional MMA career. However, he has also accumulated 33 wins. At almost fifty years old, Ivey continues to compete, with his most recent fight resulting in a first-round knockout. Another notable name in the game of losing is Shannon Ritch, who has a record of 88 losses . Despite his losses , Ritch has also won 57 fights, making him a veteran in the sport at 53 years old.

These fighters’ records may seem incredible, but they highlight the sacrifices and challenges that come with being a professional fighter. Let us know your thoughts on these astonishing figures in the comments below.