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The Intense Rivalry Between David Taylor and Jordan Burroughs: From Wrestling to MMA

Discover the intense rivalry between David Taylor and Jordan Burroughs, from wrestling to MMA. Learn about their history, recent challenges, and the potential for a showdown in the octagon.

David Taylor and Jordan Burroughs have been engaged in a fierce rivalry for over a decade. What started on the wrestling mat has now spilled over into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Taylor recently took to social media to challenge Burroughs in various combat sports, including grappling, boxing, and MMA. This came after Burroughs shared videos of his training sessions in jiu-jitsu and boxing.

Burroughs, a renowned wrestler, has expressed his interest in transitioning to MMA in the past. In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, he clarified that his tweet was not meant to create controversy but rather to show his genuine desire to explore new opportunities. He stated, "I’m sincere about it and want to entertain offers." Taylor, on the other hand, has been more cautious about stepping into the cage, although he has also expressed interest in MMA during his appearance on The MMA Hour with Helwani.

The rivalry between Taylor and Burroughs dates back to the 2013 US Open finals, where they faced each other for the first time. Burroughs emerged victorious with a score of 3-1, 1-0. They met three more times in 2014, and Burroughs continued to dominate the matches. However, their rivalry took a hiatus when Taylor moved up in weight class. It wasn’t until 2021, at FloWrestling 4, that they finally had a rematch. This time, Taylor managed to defeat Burroughs in a closely contested match with a score of 4-4.

David Taylor vs Jordan Burroughs

The intense battle between these two athletes has captivated wrestling fans around the world. Now, with their potential transition to MMA, the excitement has reached a whole new level. Fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing Taylor and Burroughs face off in the octagon, testing their skills in a different combat sport.

Stay tuned for updates on the future of this rivalry and the potential for a showdown between David Taylor and Jordan Burroughs in the world of MMA.

Fight Results

Event Date Winner Loser Score
FloWrestling 4 2021-XX-XX David Taylor Jordan Burroughs 4-4