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Vernon MMA Fighter Claims Victory in Intense Showdown

Vernon MMA fighter Cole Smith emerges victorious in an intense showdown against fellow fighter Wes Liefke. Read more about their thrilling bout and the future plans of these talented athletes.

Vernon, British Columbia – In an electrifying display of skill and determination, local MMA fighter Cole Smith emerged victorious in a thrilling bout against fellow Vernon fighter Wes Liefke. The highly anticipated showdown took place at Mamba Fight League 12 in Kamloops on July 28, 2023.

Smith, representing Unity MMA, showcased his prowess in the cage, ultimately securing a well-deserved win. The fight reached its climax in the second round when Smith executed a flawless rear naked choke, forcing Liefke to submit. With this impressive victory, Smith’s professional record now stands at 1-1, while Liefke’s record falls to 0-1.

Raja Kler, Smith’s esteemed coach at Unity MMA, commended his fighter’s performance, especially considering the formidable opponent he faced. Kler expressed his satisfaction with Smith’s strategic approach, stating, "He came out fast, which is good, and he was a little excited, so we had to kind of calm him down. But he did better halfway through the first round and then he relaxed." Kler further explained the pivotal moments of the fight, highlighting Smith’s exceptional defense against Liefke’s takedown attempts.

Despite the disappointment of a loss, Unity MMA’s Connor Manahan displayed tremendous resilience in his amateur featherweight championship fight against Aso Palani. Manahan fought valiantly for five rounds but ultimately fell short, losing by unanimous decision. Kler praised Manahan’s performance, acknowledging the last-minute change in opponents from a kickboxer to a wrestler. He expressed his pride in Manahan’s efforts and revealed his fighter’s desire for a rematch against Palani in the future, potentially as a professional fighter.

Looking ahead, both Smith and Manahan have their sights set on Battlefield Fight League 78 in Vancouver on October 19. Unity MMA has been on a roll, with their athletes recently achieving remarkable success at the Kelowna Absolutes Jiu Jitsu tournament. The Vernon gym’s competitors secured an impressive haul of eight gold medals, seven silver medals, and three bronze medals.

Reflecting on the team’s recent accomplishments, Kler remarked, "I guess you could say that July was a pretty crazy month for Team Unity." With their fighters’ unwavering dedication and skill, Unity MMA continues to make waves in the world of mixed martial arts .

Fight Results

Fighter Result Record
Cole Smith Win 1-1
Wes Liefke Loss 0-1
Connor Manahan Loss