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Young MMA Fighter Jimmy Allis Finds Success in the Ring

Discover the journey of young MMA fighter Jimmy Allis as he finds success in the ring. Learn about his training, matches, and future goals in the sport.

Jimmy Allis, a young man who turns 20 on Aug. 21, has recently achieved victory in his third career Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match. Inspired by watching MMA on television with his older brother Charlie, Allis decided to pursue the sport himself. After graduating from Blue Earth Area in 2021, he moved to Mankato and joined Mark44 MMA, a gym owned by former MMA fighter Clay Uddley.

Allis primarily trains in Muay Thai, a form of Thai boxing that involves striking with punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. His training regimen focuses on cardio work, including pad work and heavy bag training to increase power. Allis competes with 18 ounce gloves but fights with 10 ounce gloves in an octagon cage. Matches consist of three rounds, and Allis has yet to lose a round in his young career.

In his first match, an exhibition match, Allis knocked out his opponent. His last two matches, both held in Minneapolis, resulted in unanimous decision victories. However, in his most recent match, Allis broke his hand while delivering a blow to his opponent’s nose. Despite the injury, he was named the top fighter of the night.

Allis’s next match is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 11 in Minneapolis. MMA fighters only compete three times a year to limit head trauma. Allis undergoes a rigorous training camp six weeks before a fight, focusing on both physical and mental conditioning. He must weigh in at 172 pounds or less to fight in his weight class and will lose close to 15 pounds before a fight. After weighing in, he has 24 hours to regain the weight.

While pursuing his MMA career, Allis also works at MC’s Garage, a bar and grill in Mankato. He credits MMA for improving his health and overall well-being, stating that he feels the best he has ever felt.

Fight Results

Match Result
Exhibition Match Win by knockout
Match 1 Win by unanimous decision
Match 2 Win by unanimous decision