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Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida Returns to the Circle for a Thrilling Battle at ONE Fight Night 13

Get ready for an epic battle as Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida takes on ‘Reug Reug’ Oumar Kane at ONE Fight Night 13. Don’t miss the action as these world-class grapplers clash in the heavyweight division.

At ONE Fight Night 13, Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida is ready to make his mark in the heavyweight division of ONE Championship. After a successful career in submission grappling, the Brazilian athlete decided to venture into mixed martial arts a few years ago. Now, he is set to face off against wrestling powerhouse ‘Reug Reug’ Oumar Kane in what promises to be an exciting clash of world-class grapplers.

A New Challenge

Motivated by the desire for new challenges, Almeida shifted his focus from winning titles to pursuing a career in mixed martial arts. Since joining ONE Championship, he has showcased his skills with four consecutive first-round finishes. On Friday, August 4, Almeida will step into the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, to secure his fifth victory.

A Battle of Grapplers

The matchup between Almeida and Kane is a battle between two elite grapplers. Both athletes possess exceptional skills on the ground, making this fight a must-watch for fans of the sport. Almeida, known for his submission prowess, will face off against Kane, a wrestling powerhouse. The clash of styles is sure to provide an intriguing spectacle for viewers.

Embracing Challenges

In a recent appearance on the Money Moicano Podcast, ‘Buchecha’ expressed his willingness to embrace challenges. He stated that if he were to compete in a mixed-rules fight, he would not solely rely on his strengths. Instead, he would prefer to fight his opponent in their own world, testing himself in different scenarios. This mindset showcases Almeida’s determination to constantly push his limits and grow as a martial artist.

How to Watch

ONE Fight Night 13 will be broadcast live and free via Prime Video for North American viewers with an active subscription. Don’t miss the action as Almeida and Kane go head-to-head in an epic showdown on Friday, August 4.

Fight Results

Fighters Result
Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida vs. ‘Reug Reug’ Oumar Kane TBD