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Stamp Fairtex Aims to Make History as Three-Sport World Champion

Stamp Fairtex aims to make history as a three-sport World Champion in an upcoming ONE Championship fight against Ham Seo Hee. Read more about the anticipation and excitement surrounding this clash of talented fighters.

Stamp Fairtex, the Thai sensation, has not only captivated martial arts fans worldwide but has also won the admiration of her peers in ONE Championship. American MMA star Sage Northcutt is eagerly anticipating Stamp’s return as she faces off against Ham Seo Hee in a ONE Interim Atomweight MMA World Title showdown at ONE Fight Night 14. The event will be streamed on Prime Video in North American primetime on Friday, September 29.

Stamp, who has already held the ONE Atomweight Kickboxing and Muay Thai World Titles, is now aiming to become an unprecedented three-sport World Champion at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Northcutt believes that if Stamp achieves this feat, it would be truly historic and a testament to her dedication.

In an interview with onefc.com, Northcutt expressed his admiration for Stamp, stating, "Stamp Fairtex is already a super bright star. I mean, she’s a two-sport World Champion. So if she gets to be a three-sport World Champion, that’s nuts. To be able to win World Titles in three different sports is pretty phenomenal. I’ve only heard of people ever winning a World Title in one sport, so that definitely takes a different kind of dedication to be able to do that."

Northcutt had the opportunity to witness Stamp’s popularity firsthand when they fought on the same card at ONE’s United States debut in May. He was impressed not only by her martial arts skills but also by her fun-loving personality, which endeared her to fans around the world.

"I got to meet Stamp at my fight on May 5. Stamp is a character. She’s hilarious. We were waiting for a press conference, and she’s pulling pranks on me in the line. She’s definitely a prankster, super funny. She’s got a personality, that’s for sure. I was [in the arena] for her fight and got to see the crowd just went berserk. They were so excited with her walkout, her charisma, and her dancing. And also on top of that, her performance, and how incredibly sharp she is," Northcutt recalled.

Stamp’s upcoming fight against Ham Seo Hee is expected to be an action-packed thriller. Northcutt believes that the clash between these two talented fighters will undoubtedly deliver fireworks and be a huge hit with fans.

While Stamp’s background lies in striking sports, she has worked hard to improve her overall game and become a well-rounded mixed martial artist. Northcutt believes that her improvements in areas such as takedown defense and grappling will be crucial in her bout against the seasoned MMA veteran.

"This is going to be super exciting. I think that Stamp has probably been drilling a lot of takedown defense and a lot of wrestling and grappling defense. If she can keep it on the feet, that’s where her bread and butter is right there, with Muay Thai and kickboxing," Northcutt stated.

Stamp Fairtex’s journey to become a three-sport World Champion is one that has captured the attention and admiration of fans and fellow athletes alike. As she prepares to make history, the anticipation for her upcoming fight continues to grow.

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Stamp Fairtex vs. Ham Seo Hee TBD

Key Points

  • Stamp Fairtex aims to become a three-sport World Champion
  • American MMA star Sage Northcutt praises Stamp’s dedication
  • Stamp’s popularity is attributed to her martial arts skills and fun-loving personality
  • The upcoming fight between Stamp and Ham Seo Hee is expected to be action-packed
  • Stamp’s improvements in takedown defense and grappling will be crucial