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Superlek vs Tagir Khalilov: Explosive Muay Thai Showdown at ONE Fight Night 12

Witness an explosive Muay Thai showdown between Superlek and Tagir Khalilov at ONE Fight Night 12. Get all the thrilling results and highlights from this action-packed event.

Superlek vs Tagir Khalilov: Explosive Muay Thai Showdown at ONE Fight Night 12

ONE Fight Night 12, held at Thailand’s historic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, delivered an electrifying mix of MMA, Muay Thai, and grappling . The main event featured the renowned Superlek, also known as ‘The Kicking Machine,’ facing off against the formidable Tagir Khalilov in a thrilling Muay Thai battle. Additionally, the card showcased other exciting matchups, including the clash between Phetjee and Lara Fernandez in Muay Thai, and BJJ expert Garry Tonon taking on the undefeated Shamil Gastonov in MMA.

Muay Thai Action

In the highly anticipated main event, Superlek displayed his exceptional skills and precision strikes against Tagir Khalilov. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as both fighters showcased their mastery of the art of eight limbs. Superlek’s lightning-fast kicks and devastating combinations proved too much for Khalilov, securing him a well-deserved victory.

Another thrilling Muay Thai bout on the card featured the popular Thai fighter Phetjee taking on Lara Fernandez. Phetjee’s aggressive style and powerful strikes overwhelmed Fernandez, earning him a dominant win.

MMA Showdown

The MMA action at ONE Fight Night 12 was nothing short of spectacular. BJJ ace Garry Tonon showcased his world-class grappling skills against the undefeated Shamil Gastonov. Tonon’s relentless takedowns and submission attempts kept Gastonov on the defensive throughout the fight. In the end, Tonon secured a submission victory, solidifying his position as one of the top contenders in the division.

Thrilling Undercard Bouts

In addition to the marquee matchups, ONE Fight Night 12 delivered an action-packed undercard. Wie Xie and Yuya Wakamatsu engaged in a fast-paced battle, with both fighters displaying their striking prowess. The back-and-forth exchanges kept the crowd on their feet, but it was Wie Xie who emerged victorious with a unanimous decision.

The grappling portion of the card featured the highly decorated Tammy Musumeci taking on Amanda Alequin. Musumeci’s technical expertise and relentless pressure proved too much for Alequin, as she secured a dominant victory.

Fight Results

Matchup Winner Method
Superlek vs Tagir Khalilov Superlek TKO (Round 3)
Phetjee vs Lara Fernandez Phetjee KO (Round 2)
Garry Tonon vs Shamil Gastonov Garry Tonon Submission (Round 2)
Wie Xie vs Yuya Wakamatsu Wie Xie Unanimous Decision
Tammy Musumeci vs Amanda Alequin Tammy Musumeci Submission (Round 1)

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