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Unforgettable Knockout at ONE Friday Fights 26: Kulabdam vs. Bohic

Witness an unforgettable knockout at ONE Friday Fights 26: Kulabdam vs. Bohic. Experience the electrifying atmosphere of Lumpinee Stadium as Muay Thai fighters showcase their skills and deliver jaw-dropping knockouts.

The latest event at Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium provided the crowd with some truly memorable action. ONE Championship, Asia’s largest martial arts promotion, has been expanding its global presence this year with blockbuster cards and a successful on-ground debut in the United States. However, it’s the weekly ONE Friday Fights events that have stolen the show, featuring Muay Thai fights with 4-ounce mixed martial arts gloves.

Knockout of the Night

One of the standout moments of the evening was the featherweight Muay Thai contest between Mohammed Siasarani and Satanfah Sitsongpeenong. In the first round, Siasarani faced a devastating right hand that sent him crashing to the canvas. Just when it seemed like the end was near, Siasarani surprised everyone with an incredible comeback.

A Memorable Comeback

After answering the referee’s 10-count, Siasarani unleashed a powerful counter right hook that left Sitsongpeenong dazed. Seizing the opportunity, Siasarani relentlessly attacked his opponent against the ring ropes, securing a knockout victory. This incredible comeback and knockout will undoubtedly go down as one of the best moments in Muay Thai this year.

ONE Friday Fights Highlights

ONE Friday Fights has consistently delivered thrilling fights and highlights throughout the year. From impressive displays of skill to jaw-dropping knockouts, this event series has become a must-watch for martial arts fans worldwide. The electrifying atmosphere at Lumpinee Stadium only adds to the excitement.

Stay Tuned for More

With each edition of ONE Friday Fights, the bar is raised higher. Fans can expect even more explosive matchups, incredible comebacks, and unforgettable knockouts in the future. ONE Championship continues to showcase the best of Muay Thai and mixed martial arts , captivating audiences around the globe.

Fight Result
Mohammed Siasarani vs. Satanfah Sitsongpeenong Siasarani wins by knockout

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