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Conor McGregor reacts to Artem Lobov defeat

Conor McGregor reacted after Artem Lobov was defeated at BKFC 9 against Jason Knight.  Conor posted a long message on his instagram account dedicated to his friend Artem Lobov. Here is what he said:

Artem Lobov! What a warrior.
What a journey this has been mate. What a journey this is! You blow me away bro, from the world tours to the ultimate fighter to this! You deserve the world and more my brother!
Congrats on another amazing fight! What a story!
Brothers for life mate ❤️
Congrats to Jason Knight.
Amazing warrior.
Great fight.




Conor was always there for his Friend Artem Lobov, sharing the victories and defeats together. Conor was celebrating, but also willing the cross the ocean to stand up for his friend.


When Khabib Nurmagomedov cornered Lobov with his team, Conor flew the next day from Ireland to seek revenge by attacking the bus looking for Khabib


This is truly amazing story about strong  friendship between two man who dedicated their lives to fighting.