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From MMA Fighter to Animal Savior: A Tale of Transformation

Discover the heartwarming journey of Bryeanne Russillo, from MMA fighter to animal sanctuary founder, and her dedication to saving furry friends.

Key Points Description
Early Wake-Up Nate the rooster starts the day
Animal Breakfasts Feeding Chino the squirrel and other friends
Dream Come True Running an animal sanctuary was Bryeanne’s dream
Past Life Bryeanne was a Muay Thai fighter before
Multi-Talented Works as an accountant and bakes pastries
Community Impact Known for her unique style and animal care in Cabot
Wildlife Rehab Certified to care for animals, even those with rabies
Baking Success Sells baked goods to support her animal friends

Once upon a time in a land called Long Island, there was a lady named Bryeanne. She had a voice that sounded like it came from far away, and she loved animals very much. Every morning, she would wake up super early because Nate, a loud rooster, would say ‘Good morning!’ in his rooster way.

A Day Full of Animal Friends

Bryeanne would put on her bright pink pants and fluffy shoes to start her day. The first thing she did was feed a tiny squirrel named Chino. Chino was so small he could fit in your hand, and he drank his breakfast from a tiny bottle. After that, she said hello to her cows, Poppy Seed and Vanilla Bean, who were a bit naughty and tried to go on an adventure without telling anyone.

Then, it was time to feed Ziggy and Kylo, two little pigs who had made the back porch their home. Bryeanne also had to take care of her other animal friends, including four big pigs, four cats, and three dogs. And let’s not forget Walter and Rocky, two opossums who liked to live in the mudroom, even though they made it smell funny.

Bryeanne’s Dream

Bryeanne told everyone that taking care of these animals was her dream come true. But did you know that before she was an animal hero, she was a fighter? Yes, she used to do a sport called Muay Thai, where she would have matches and try to win. She even moved to a place called Vermont to start an animal sanctuary, where she could help even more animals!

More Than Just an Animal Rescuer

Bryeanne is like a superhero who can do many things. She’s an accountant, which means she’s really good with numbers, and she also bakes yummy treats in her kitchen. People in Cabot, where she lives, know her because she loves the color pink and wears flip-flops even when it’s muddy outside.

Helping Animals and Making Friends

In Cabot, Bryeanne made lots of friends, like Jay, who fixes cars and also likes cows. She learned how to take care of wild animals that get hurt and need someone to help them get better. She even helps animals that might get sick with something called rabies, which not many people can do.

Bryeanne’s days are busy, but she loves what she does. She helps animals, bakes cakes that people love, and makes her town a happier place. She’s a bit like a fairy tale princess who cares for all the creatures in the kingdom.

The End of a Busy Day

After a long day, Bryeanne still had work to do, but she was happy. She knew that she was doing something very special, helping animals and making her dream come true. And that’s the story of how a fighter became a friend to all the animals in her own little sanctuary.