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Controversy Erupts at PFL 6: Schulte and Manfio Suspended, Burgos Added to Playoffs

Read about the controversy that erupted at PFL 6, leading to the suspension of Natan Schulte and Raush Manfio and the addition of Shane Burgos to the playoffs. Find out the reactions and boycott suggestions from the MMA community.

Controversy Erupts at PFL 6: Schulte and Manfio Suspended, Burgos Added to Playoffs

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. Matchup Controversy
  3. Suspension and Removal of Points
  4. Reactions and Boycott Suggestions


While the Professional Fighters League (PFL) would have hoped for talk to turn towards its upcoming playoffs after some thrilling knockouts to close out the 2023 regular season earlier this month, the spotlight has been taken over by some controversy.

Matchup Controversy

At PFL 6, the lightweight bracket was set, with 2019 champion Natan Schulte qualifying after a lackluster victory over Raush Manfio. The matchup itself was questioned ahead of the event, with many confused by the decision to match the two close friends and godfathers’ of each other’s children together. Some publicly pondered whether the promotion was attempting to pave the way for star signing Shane Burgos to qualify with the matchmaking decision. While results ultimately didn’t see ‘Hurricane’ advance, the former UFC fighter has since been added to the bracket by the PFL.

Suspension and Removal of Points

Following the event, the organization revealed its decision to suspend both Schulte and Manfio, in addition to removing the points the former earned with his win at PFL 6. In a statement, the PFL attempted to justify the move by insisting that the pair didn’t meet the ‘contractual standard’ expected of them. The decision led to Burgos being placed in the playoffs, but it’s safe to say that the now-disqualified Schulte and many others in the MMA community aren’t taking the ruling lying down.

Reactions and Boycott Suggestions

Dawson, who is a teammate of both Schulte and Manfio at American Top Team, suggested the situation is even worthy of a PFL ‘boycott.’ The 29-year-old Wisconsin native also shared a similar sentiment to many by claiming that the promotion’s desire to advance Burgos to the semifinals likely caused the decision.