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Desiree Yanez Aims for Victory Against Lisa Mauldin in PFL Fight

Don’t miss the intense battle between Desiree Yanez and Lisa Mauldin in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) on August 4. Find out more about the fighters and their journey to the octagon.

Desiree Yanez

On August 4, the Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio will witness an intense battle between two fierce fighters. Desiree Yanez, also known as ‘Dirty Dez,’ will face off against Lisa Mauldin in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Yanez, a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) flyweight, is determined to showcase her skills and earn the respect of fans and opponents alike.

Yanez, originally from Big Spring in West Texas, has always had a competitive spirit. As a child, she participated in various sports, including softball, basketball, volleyball, and track. Her passion for competition led her to the world of MMA, where she quickly made a name for herself.

Lisa Mauldin

Mauldin, hailing from California, is no stranger to the octagon. With a record of 5-3, she poses a formidable challenge for Yanez. However, Yanez is known for her fearlessness and aggression inside the cage. Her nickname, ‘Dirty Dez,’ reflects her tenacity and willingness to go all out in a fight.

Yanez’s training and preparation for this fight have been intense. Mentally, she visualizes different scenarios and strategizes based on her knowledge of Mauldin’s fighting style. With the support of her coaches and fiancé, Edgardo, Yanez is ready to step into the octagon and give it her all.

The fight between Yanez and Mauldin will be broadcasted on ESPN+ on August 4. The PFL’s night of fights kicks off at 5:30 p.m. Don’t miss this thrilling showdown between two talented fighters as they battle for victory and recognition.

Fight Results

Fighter Record Result
Desiree Yanez 7-4 TBD
Lisa Mauldin 5-3 TBD