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Olena Kolesnyk Faces Uphill Battle in PFL 8 Semifinals

Olena Kolesnyk faces an uphill battle in the PFL 8 semifinals after failing to make weight. Read about her weight struggles and the other fighters who missed weight at the weigh-ins.

Olena Kolesnyk’s Weight Struggles Threaten Her PFL Tournament Run

Olena Kolesnyk finds herself in a challenging position as she prepares to face Larissa Pacheco in the semifinals of the PFL’s 2023 women’s featherweight playoffs. Kolesnyk failed to make weight for the bout, coming in 1.8 pounds over the limit. This means she will start the fight with a one-point deduction, putting her at a disadvantage against her opponent. Kolesnyk must now deliver a dominant performance if she hopes to advance to the tournament finals.

This is not the first time Kolesnyk has faced disappointment in the PFL. In previous seasons, she failed to make the playoffs in the lightweight division and was knocked out by Pacheco in the first round. Despite these setbacks, Kolesnyk secured her spot in this year’s playoffs with decision wins during the regular season.

Kolesnyk’s weight struggles were not the only ones at the PFL 8 weigh-ins. Daiqwon Buckley, set to fight Louie Sutherland in a heavyweight preliminary bout, came in a staggering 6.4 pounds over the limit. It remains uncertain whether Buckley’s fight will proceed.

In the headline bout, Renan Ferreira and Maurice Greene successfully made weight, solidifying their heavyweight semi-final fight.

PFL 8 Weigh-In Results

Fight Weight Class Result
Renan Ferreira vs. Maurice Greene Heavyweight Official
Larissa Pacheco vs. Olena Kolesnyk Featherweight Official
Denis Goltsov vs. Jordan Heiderman Heavyweight Official
Marina Mokhnatkina vs. Amber Leibrock Featherweight Official
Nathan Kelly vs. Damion Nelson Official
Danilo Marques vs. Satoshi Ishii Official
Kaytlin Neil vs. Maíra Mazar Official
Louis Sutherland vs. Daiqwon Buckley Official

Please note that Olena Kolesnyk missed weight by 1.8 pounds, but the fight will proceed as scheduled with Kolesnyk forfeiting 20 percent of her purse to Pacheco. Daiqwon Buckley also missed weight by 6.4 pounds, and his fight will continue as a super heavyweight bout with Buckley forfeiting 20 percent of his purse.