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Saudi MMA Fighter Mostafa Rashed Neda to Represent Kingdom Internationally

Saudi MMA fighter Mostafa Rashed Neda is set to represent the Kingdom internationally in a highly anticipated fight at the Professional Fighters League (PFL) Playoffs. Learn more about Neda’s journey and his aspirations for the sport.

Ahead of his highly anticipated fight in New York’s Madison Square Garden, Saudi MMA fighter Mostafa Rashed Neda expressed his excitement about representing the Kingdom on an international stage. Neda is set to go head-to-head with American fighter Korey Kuppe on August 23 at the Professional Fighters League (PFL) Playoffs.

Neda, in an interview with Al Arabiya English, shared his pride in representing Saudi Arabia and all Arabs in such a prestigious league. The PFL, known as the fastest growing MMA company globally and second only to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), features fighters from over 20 countries.

Preparing for his big fight, Neda has been training rigorously, with up to three training sessions a day. Unlike most fighters, he prefers to train with his own team in Saudi Arabia, as they understand his strengths and weaknesses. According to Neda, MMA fighting requires not only physical strength but also skills, slyness, and an incredible amount of intelligence. Mental strength is just as crucial as physical strength in this sport.

Neda, who is also the founder and a trainer at Jeddah MMA, carries the weight of being one of the most recognized MMA fighters from Saudi Arabia. With a professional record of 7-2 and a three-fight winning streak, he has proven himself as a formidable opponent. Known for his heavy-handed striking, Neda has secured four of his seven wins by knockout and has competed in major promotions such as BRAVE CF and UAE Warriors.

Reflecting on the growth of MMA in Saudi Arabia, Neda highlighted the significant investment and rising popularity of the sport. Previously, MMA was relatively unknown, and fighters had to train with different clubs due to the lack of dedicated facilities. However, with the establishment of the Saudi Mixed Martial Arts Federation and increased interest from the Ministry of Sport, the sport has experienced exponential growth.

Neda’s vision extends beyond his own success. He aims to open multiple branches of his club across the country and the region to inspire young athletes to pursue MMA. His ultimate goal is to see more fighters representing the Arab world and hopes that each Arab country will produce numerous champions.

Offering advice to aspiring fighters, Neda emphasized the importance of staying focused on goals and not letting challenges or injuries deter them. He encouraged fighters to have confidence in their abilities, reminding them that today’s loss could be tomorrow’s victory. With determination and perseverance, nothing is impossible.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Mostafa Rashed Neda Win
Korey Kuppe Loss