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Alex Pereira Calls Out Israel Adesanya After UFC 295 Win

Alex Pereira calls out Israel Adesanya after his impressive win at UFC 295. Read about Pereira’s victory and his personal connection to Adesanya in this article.

| Pereira’s Victory at UFC 295

| A Personal Connection

| A Unique Challenge

| A Champion’s Perspective

| A Final Message

Pereira’s Victory at UFC 295

In a stunning display of skill and determination, Alex Pereira emerged victorious in his fight against Jiri Prochazka at UFC 295. This win marked Pereira’s second belt in two different divisions, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world.

A Personal Connection

Pereira revealed that he was motivated to call out Israel Adesanya due to a personal connection. He recalled a time when Adesanya encouraged him during a night of drinking at a bar. Adesanya’s words of support resonated with Pereira, and he now feels compelled to return the favor.

A Unique Challenge

Adesanya recently stated that he would only fight in 2027, which Pereira finds intriguing. Rather than following in Adesanya’s footsteps and making him wait, Pereira is eager to face him now. He believes that this fight would not only be interesting for himself but also for fans worldwide.

A Champion’s Perspective

Despite being a champion, Pereira acknowledges that it may seem unusual for him to call out another fighter. However, he believes that he still has a compelling story to tell and is determined to make his mark in the sport. With all due respect, Pereira refuses to make Adesanya go through the same challenges he faced to earn a title shot. Instead, he invites Adesanya to come and fight for the belt.

A Final Message

In a bold and confident statement, Pereira addresses Adesanya directly, saying, ‘Hey Adesanya, come to daddy.’ It remains to be seen if Adesanya will accept the challenge and give Pereira the opportunity to prove himself once again.