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Alexandre Pantoja Claims UFC Flyweight Championship with Victory over Brandon Moreno

Read about Alexandre Pantoja’s impressive victory over Brandon Moreno at UFC 290, where he claimed the UFC flyweight championship title. This thrilling battle showcased the indomitable spirits of both fighters.

| Alexandre Pantoja claims UFC flyweight championship title by defeating Brandon Moreno at UFC 290.
| Pantoja dominates in Round 1 with a devastating left hook.
| Moreno showcases resilience and strikes back in Rounds 2 and 4.
| Momentum swings throughout the fight, resulting in a split decision.
| This marks Pantoja’s third win against Moreno.
| Both fighters display unwavering determination and skill in a captivating battle.

In a thrilling showdown at UFC 290, Alexandre Pantoja emerged victorious and secured the UFC flyweight championship title against Brandon Moreno. The highly anticipated match showcased the indomitable spirits of both fighters, as they battled it out in a grueling five-round contest.

Round 1: Pantoja Dominates

Pantoja started the fight with a bang, delivering a devastating left hook that sent Moreno crashing to the canvas. This round proved to be the most decisive, as Pantoja showcased his prowess and controlled the pace of the fight.

Round 2 and 4: Moreno Strikes Back

However, Moreno showed incredible resilience and fought back in rounds 2 and 4. With crisp boxing combinations, he snapped Pantoja’s head back multiple times, displaying his technical skills and determination.

Round 3 and 5: Momentum Swings

The fight witnessed several momentum swings, with Pantoja executing pivotal takedowns and Moreno showcasing his striking abilities. The split decision scorecard reflected the closely contested battle, with two judges favoring Pantoja in rounds 1, 3, and 5, and Moreno securing rounds 2 and 4.

A Historic Rivalry

This victory marked Pantoja’s third triumph over Moreno, with their previous encounters taking place in an exhibition fight on season 24 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and a subsequent decision win. Despite the defeats, Moreno’s tenacity and skill earned him respect from Pantoja, who acknowledged his opponent’s resilience.


In conclusion, Alexandre Pantoja’s victory over Brandon Moreno at UFC 290 solidified his position as the UFC flyweight champion. Both fighters displayed unwavering determination and showcased their skills in a thrilling battle that captivated fans worldwide.

Round Winner
1 Pantoja
2 Moreno
3 Pantoja
4 Moreno
5 Pantoja