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Amanda Nunes defeated Germaine de Randamie – video highlights

Amanda Nunes defeated  Germaine de Randamie  by decision: 49:44, 49:46 49:45.  It was a hard 5 rounds, but Nunes was able to force de Randamie into the ground game and make a dominant win. Here is play by play:

Round 1

Nunes started dominating this fight from round 1. She was able to put de Randamie down and landed some nasty ground and pound. She had deep guillotine on Randamie’s neck, but she survived. Another attempt by Amanda, she have her in side chock but de Randamie survived again.


Round 2

In first part of the round, Nunes was not able to take  de Randamie to the ground and she was exposed to wishes striking of de Randamie. de Randamie landed a high kick, flying knee… looked like Nunes was rocked couple time, but one minute before the end of the round she was able to took de Randamie down but not making real damage.

de Randamie started fight by landing couple good punches on Amanda, but quick level change by Nunes she put her down with 4 minutes to go. Nunes is not making any damage, she looks tired. Amanda  landed couple of nice elbows, but de Randamie is striking from the bottom. Randamie landed one nasty up kick and Nunes looked rock but still in dominant position. Nunes throwing some elbows, but de Randamie was able to stand up 20 seconds before the end but Amanda put her down again.


Round 4

Couple exchanges and Amanda is not making any risks, she put her down again in first 30 seconds of the round. Nunes landed couple of nice elbows. de Randamie had her in arm lock, but Nunes was able to defend. de Randamie was able to stand up but Nunes put her down again.
Nunes looked very tired, she hold her down but not really throwing anything.

Round 5

Nunes is taking no risk, she start the round by putting her down again. Nunes is landing some body punches, scoring points and winning this fight. de Randamie is not finding any space to stand up. Nunes was able to hold her down for full round.
Fight is over, it is a clear victory for Amanda Nunes.