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Argentinian Fighter’s Sensational Win and Provocative Celebration at UFC Fight Night Vegas 77

Read about Ailín Pérez’s sensational win against Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC Fight Night Vegas 77 and her provocative twerking celebration. Discover how Pérez’s charisma and fighting skills have made her a fan favorite in the world of mixed martial arts.

Argentinian Fighter Ailín Pérez Shines in UFC Victory

In a thrilling showdown at UFC Fight Night Vegas 77, Ailín Pérez secured her first win in the octagon with a dominant performance against Ashlee Evans-Smith. Pérez, also known as ‘Fiona,’ captivated the audience not only with her impressive fighting skills but also with a provocative twerking dance in the center of the octagon.

This victory marked Pérez’s redemption after a disappointing debut in UFC back in September 2022, where she was submitted by Stephanie Egger in the second round. The Argentine fighter (8-2) has quickly gained popularity among mixed martial arts enthusiasts, thanks to her charismatic personality.

Pérez’s Triumph and Unforgettable Celebration

The highly anticipated bout between Ailín Pérez and Ashlee Evans-Smith took place on Saturday, July 15th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. From the opening bell, Pérez showcased her superior skills, dominating Evans-Smith in every aspect of the fight.

Fight Results
Ailín Pérez (Argentina)
Ashlee Evans-Smith (USA)

Pérez’s victory was sealed with a unanimous decision from the judges, affirming her dominance throughout the match. However, it was her post-fight celebration that stole the show.

A Daring Dance and a Fan Favorite

As the crowd erupted in applause for Pérez’s triumph, the Argentinian fighter took center stage once again, this time with a provocative twerking dance. Her sultry moves captivated the audience, leaving them in awe and earning her even more fans.

Rising Star in the UFC

Ailín Pérez’s journey in the UFC has been anything but ordinary. Despite her initial setback, she has proven her resilience and determination to succeed in the octagon. With each fight, Pérez continues to showcase her skills and entertain the fans with her unique personality.


Ailín Pérez’s victory over Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC Fight Night Vegas 77 not only solidified her position as a rising star in the UFC but also highlighted her captivating personality. From her dominant performance inside the octagon to her provocative twerking celebration, Pérez left a lasting impression on both fans and fellow fighters.

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