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Charles Oliveira: The Truth Behind the Dating Rumors with Taylor Swift and Ice Spice

Get the truth behind the dating rumors involving Charles Oliveira and pop stars Taylor Swift and Ice Spice. Find out Oliveira’s response and the reality of his relationship status.

Charles Oliveira: The Truth Behind the Dating Rumors

The world of mixed martial arts is not always about fights and rivalries. Sometimes, the headlines consist of the fighters’ romantic crusades and funny memes. Recently, Charles Oliveira became the subject of interest as rumors about him dating the pop stars, Taylor Swift and Ice Spice, went viral on social media.

Choosing Between Taylor Swift and Ice Spice

On a recent episode of ‘Nina Drama’s Podcast’, host Nina Marie Daniele invited Charles Oliveira, the former UFC lightweight champion, to the studio. While they discussed various topics, one particular question made Oliveira blush. Daniele asked the fighter to choose between Taylor Swift and Ice Spice. After some hesitation, Oliveira chose Swift.

Daniele mentioned the rumors that had been circulating about Oliveira dating these pop stars. She acknowledged that the rumors were false but found it amusing how Oliveira responded on Twitter, saying ‘Wat?’ Oliveira clarified that he didn’t even know who the stars were and dismissed the entire discussion as fake.

Fans and Trolling on Twitter

Fans on Twitter have been pairing up Charles Oliveira with various pop culture stars, sparking rumors about his dating life. Oliveira was left flabbergasted when fans paired him with Taylor Swift. He had to ask them to stop trolling in a reply. When fans then associated him with Ice Spice, he responded with another ‘Wat?’ Oliveira is actually happily married to Talita Roberta Pereira since 2014.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Despite the rumors, Charles Oliveira has made it clear that there is no truth to the dating speculations. He is focused on his career in mixed martial arts and his marriage to Talita Roberta Pereira.

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