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Colby Covington Calls Out Jake and Logan Paul: Are They Real Fighters?

Colby Covington criticizes Jake and Logan Paul for their boxing careers and calls them little circus side shows. He questions their fighting abilities and expresses his willingness to fight them.

Colby Covington, the former interim UFC welterweight champion, recently shared his thoughts on the Paul brothers and their foray into boxing. In an interview with Dan Dakich on OutKick, Covington didn’t hold back in criticizing the YouTubers for their choice of opponents and their status as side shows.

According to Covington, the Paul brothers have gained popularity for the wrong reasons. He believes that they are not real fighters and cannot win against tough opponents. He referred to them as little circus side shows, highlighting their fights against much older or lighter opponents.

Covington questioned why the Paul brothers haven’t faced fighters from their own weight class and speculated that they might be scared. However, he expressed his willingness to fight them in the ring, claiming it would be an easy fight for him.

While Covington is a company man and prefers to fight the biggest and best fights in the UFC, he didn’t hesitate to call out Jake Paul after his loss to Tommy Fury. Covington stated that Paul is not a real fighter and mocked his speech impediment.

Despite the younger Paul’s victories over UFC fighters, Covington remains skeptical of their fighting abilities. He believes that their success has landed them in deeper quicksand and continues to question their legitimacy as fighters.

What are your thoughts on the Paul brothers? Do you think Covington would win if he fought them?