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Colby Covington – Kamaru Usman is CEO of EPO

Main event of UFC 268 on November 6th 2021 will be a rematch between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman. Colby was talking lately a lot about this fight and he accused Kamaru for using EPO – same thing that TJ Dillashaw was banned for.

“It’s so obvious. His chemical imbalance, his body. He’s got the pimples all over his back, all over his face. You’re a 35-year old man, you’re not going through puberty like you’re in your teens anymore. You should not be having that chemical imbalance and that breakout. That’s from his testosterone being out of whack, and his estrogen and his testosterone levels being out of whack. So, he is the CEO of EPO. I’ve heard firsthand from some people that he trained with, some people that I might’ve went to wrestle in college with that said the same thing. They could verify that he has done EPO and he’s injected in his ass. So, he’s the CEO of EPO, he’s ‘Marty Juiceman.”

EPO is short for “erythropoietin” which is a drug that is designed to increase your endurance. It literally stimulates more red blood cell production and the more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen you can absorb and use. If you can absorb and use more oxygen then your endurance goes up.

Full interview you can watch on Submission radio youtube channel