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Conor McGregor Endorses Lee Hammond as Future UFC Champion

Conor McGregor endorses Lee Hammond as a future UFC champion, praising his exceptional skills and predicting a bright future in MMA. Despite a setback on TUF 31, Hammond’s potential remains high.

Key Points
Conor McGregor believes Lee Hammond has what it takes to hold a world title
Hammond has an exceptional 90% finish rate in his young professional MMA career
Despite a loss on TUF 31, McGregor remains confident in Hammond’s potential

UFC superstar Conor McGregor believes that one of his The Ultimate Fighter 31 pupils, Lee Hammond, has the potential to hold a world title. Despite a winless season on TUF 31 for McGregor and his team, he remains confident in Hammond’s abilities.

A Rising Star

In a recent tweet, McGregor praised Hammond’s exceptional skills and predicted a bright future for the young fighter. With a 90% finish rate in his professional MMA career, Hammond has shown his ability to dominate his opponents. McGregor sees him as a world-class talent who will make a lasting impact on the UFC.

Setback on TUF 31

However, leaked footage from an upcoming episode of TUF 31 revealed that Hammond suffered a submission loss to Kurt Holobaugh. This loss further added to McGregor and his team’s winless streak against Team Chandler. Despite this setback, McGregor remains optimistic about Hammond’s potential.

A Promising Career

Before joining TUF 31, Hammond had an impressive record of 5-0 in his professional MMA career. He has previously fought in promotions such as Bellator and Heroes Fight League, showcasing his skills against tough opponents. Despite the challenges faced on the reality show, McGregor believes that Hammond can quickly turn things around and become a world-class mixed martial artist.


Conor McGregor’s endorsement of Lee Hammond as a future UFC champion highlights the Irish fighter’s potential. Despite a setback on TUF 31, Hammond’s previous achievements and exceptional skills make him a promising talent in the MMA world. McGregor’s confidence in Hammond’s abilities sets the stage for an exciting future in the sport.