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Conor McGregor Faces Backlash Over New Merchandise: Fans Not Impressed

Conor McGregor faces backlash from fans over his new merchandise promotion. Doubts about his future in fighting and comparisons to ‘Zoolander’ character.

Conor McGregor, the former UFC double champion, has recently faced criticism from fans over his new merchandise. Despite his success in the business realm with his alcohol brands, Forged Irish Stout and Proper 12 whisky, McGregor’s latest Instagram post promoting his merchandise did not receive a positive response.

McGregor’s New Merchandise

In his Instagram post, McGregor shared several pictures showcasing his new Forged Irish Stout and announced the release of merchandise and goodies for fans to claim. The merchandise includes backpacks, clothing apparel, water bottles, and more. McGregor appeared happy and motivated in the pictures, but fans had a different reaction.

Doubts About McGregor’s Fighting Future

With McGregor’s recent USADA fiasco and controversies, fans have expressed doubts about his fighting future. Many believe that he may never fight again, while others speculate that he might engage in fights outside the Octagon. These doubts have been fueled by McGregor’s prolonged absence from the UFC.

Comparisons to ‘Zoolander’ and AI

After seeing McGregor’s pictures, fans drew comparisons between him and Ben Stiller’s character from the movie ‘Zoolander.’ Some even suggested that the images were generated by artificial intelligence. These comments added a humorous twist to the backlash.

Criticism of McGregor’s Appearance

Fans also took the opportunity to criticize McGregor’s appearance. Some commented that he looked creepy when trying to look good, while others made fun of the size of his neck, comparing it to former UFC fighter Yoel Romero. These remarks added to the overall negative response from fans.

McGregor’s Future in Fighting

Despite the backlash, McGregor has consistently expressed his intention to return to fighting. However, fans have lost hope in his comeback. As McGregor recently turned 35 years old, time may be running out for him to make a decision. The comments section of McGregor’s post reflects the divided opinions of fans regarding his future in the sport.

What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor’s new merchandise and his potential return to fighting? Let us know in the comments below.

Key Points
Conor McGregor faces backlash over new merchandise promotion on Instagram
Fans express doubts about McGregor’s future in fighting
Comparisons made between McGregor and ‘Zoolander’ character
Criticism of McGregor’s appearance, including comments about his neck size
McGregor maintains his intention to return to fighting