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Conor McGregor stopped Donald Cerrone – video highlights #UFC 246

Conor McGregor is back! He just stopped Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds it all started with very unusual strikes. Watch the video highlights of the fight.

OK the fight is about to start and we have a lot of celebrities in da house, including lineal boxing world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Both fighters are in the cage now, and they both look very good. Conor Mcgregor looks little bit nervous,  while “Cowboy” Cerrone comes with the smile in the cage.

OMG, the fight is starting!

Play by play

Round 1

Immediately in the first second of the fight Conor throws left hand and he missed, Cerrone grabbed him and they ended up in the clinch. And here Conor used very unusual technic, shoulder strikes. He landed 4-5 nasty shoulder strikes, and Cerrone started bleeding from the nose and his left eye was damaged. Very unusual technic that definitely caught Cerrone by surprise.

They exit the clinch, but Conor is still attacking, he definitely wants to land everything he have on “slow starter” Cerrone.
Boom! Left high kick by Conor and Cerrone is hurt. Conor lands couple more punches by his left, Cerrone is covered on the flour no defence and referee stopped the fight in 40 seconds of round 1.


Looked like  Usman was not so impressed by Conor performance, and “street Jesus” Masvidal looked very happy by Conor’s win. Maybe we can see Conor against one of these two fighters in  a near future?



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