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Conor McGregor’s Reputation as an MMA Coach is Crumbling

Conor McGregor’s reputation as an MMA coach is crumbling. Despite his team’s losses, Michael Chandler supports McGregor. Read more about the situation here.

Key Points
Conor McGregor’s reputation as an MMA coach is crumbling
Michael Chandler supports Conor McGregor
McGregor’s team lost all six bouts in The Ultimate Fighter
Chandler believes McGregor cannot be solely blamed for the losses
McGregor and Chandler had a violent brawl after a bout between their teammates

Conor McGregor’s reputation as an MMA coach is crumbling. The UFC superstar decided to come back to the sport after a hiatus of nearly two long years as a coach in the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter . His rival coach in the season is the three-time Bellator Lightweight Champion, Michael Chandler. In TUF, the Irishman disappointed all his fans as his team lost all six bouts they fought. After the sixth loss, Chandler insulted McGregor for not showing up when his team needed him. The Irishman’s team could not achieve a single victory against them. Now, it’s quite evident that Team Chandler will win the season.

After all these losses, the MMA community is raising their eyebrows against the coaching skills of the Irish superstar. However, contrary to his previous statement, ‘Iron’ now believes that ‘The Notorious’ alone cannot be blamed for the losses. Chandler feels that he has a stronger team, and McGregor showing up for weigh-ins won’t make a huge difference in the results.

Michael Chandler supports Conor McGregor

Chandler was talking in an interview with TMZ Sports. During the conversation, he mentioned how McGregor is having a bad time. Many believe that when the Irishman became rich, he lost his passion for the sport. ‘The Notorious’ was also blamed for not being present during the weigh-in. On the other hand, Chandler always stood with his team as their pillar of strength.

In the interview, Chandler said, ‘I think Conor’s getting a little bit of a raw deal when it comes to how much he was there or wasn’t there [with his team] Showing up for the weigh-ins isn’t that big of a deal and they kept asking me about it so obviously I kept talking about it. I don’t think the results would be any different, to be honest with you.’ Chandler changed his previous statement in favor of the Irishman even after a violent brawl broke out between the two after the bout between their teammates in the sixth episode.

The brawl between ‘The Notorious’ and ‘Iron’

Conor McGregor was highly confident when the season entered its sixth episode. Even though McGregor faced five losses, he believed that he would win the sixth one, as the top-ranked lightweight fighter, Lee Hammond, was set to fight from his end. It was Kurt Holobaugh who came forward to fight Hammond from Team Chandler. McGregor faced the biggest disappointment from the reality series when his team member lost the bout via submission.

Following the loss of him, McGregor chose violence to hide his disappointment. He began to throw insults at ‘Iron’. In response, Chandler held McGregor accountable for the losses. Later, the Irish superstar came forward and shoved Chandler. The issue got out of hand, and the UFC boss, Dana White, had to intervene. The coaches separated soon afterward. Even after the nasty brawl, Chandler has chosen not to lame the Irishman. What are your thoughts on the whole scenario?