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Controversial Decision at UFC Fight Night Singapore Leaves Fans Divided

Controversial decision at UFC Fight Night Singapore leaves fans divided. Anthony Smith emerges victorious in a split decision over Ryan Spann. Read more for details.

UFC Fight Night Singapore witnessed an intense battle between two top light heavyweight contenders, Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann. The fight captivated fans, but the judges’ decision left many disappointed. Despite Spann appearing to cause more damage, Smith emerged as the victor in a split decision. This outcome has sparked a heated debate among MMA enthusiasts.

The three-round contest showcased the resilience and skill of both fighters. However, the judges ultimately favored Smith, awarding him the victory with scores of 29-28, 29-28, and 28-29. While some fans believe Spann should have been declared the winner, others argue that Smith’s performance in the third round secured his triumph.

One fan expressed their uncertainty, stating, ‘Tough one to score.’ Another acknowledged the closeness of the third round, commenting, ‘Nothing to be mad at or yell robbery over.’ However, one frustrated fan questioned the decision, exclaiming, ‘Idk how you score that for Smith.’ Another fan humorously attributed Smith’s win to bettors and Michael Bisping, his co-host on the BYM podcast.

In their initial encounter, Smith dominated the fight, but Spann showcased composure in the rematch. He landed a powerful hook that inflicted severe damage to Smith’s eye. Although it seemed the fight would end in the second round, Smith displayed incredible determination and fought through the injury.

Despite Spann causing more visible damage, the judges did not deem it sufficient to secure him the victory. The controversial decision has left the rivalry between Ryan Spann and Anthony Smith unresolved. Smith, after the fight, expressed his desire to return home and spend time with his family, without calling out any specific opponent for his next bout. On the other hand, Spann appeared visibly frustrated by the decision, and even the Singapore crowd voiced their disapproval through boos.

What are your thoughts on the judges’ decision? Do you believe they made the right call? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Fight Summary

Fighter 1 Fighter 2 Result
Anthony Smith Ryan Spann Smith wins via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)