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Cory Sandhagen Dominates Rob Font at UFC on ESPN 50: Full Fight Recap

Read the full fight recap of Cory Sandhagen’s dominant performance against Rob Font at UFC on ESPN 50. Find out how Sandhagen solidified his position as a top bantamweight contender.

UFC on ESPN 50 took place in Nashville, Tennessee, delivering an exciting night of MMA action. In the main event, bantamweight contender Cory Sandhagen showcased his skills and took a step closer to a title shot with a dominant performance against Rob Font. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling matchup.

Sandhagen entered the octagon with confidence, displaying his striking prowess from the start. He utilized his reach advantage to keep Font at bay, landing precise strikes and evading his opponent’s attacks. Font, known for his knockout power, struggled to find his rhythm against Sandhagen’s calculated game plan.

As the fight progressed, Sandhagen showcased his versatility by mixing in takedowns. He successfully executed multiple takedowns, controlling Font on the ground and neutralizing his offense. Font attempted to mount a comeback in the later rounds, but Sandhagen’s superior grappling skills and defensive techniques thwarted his efforts.

In the end, the judges awarded Sandhagen a unanimous decision victory, solidifying his position as a top contender in the bantamweight division. With this win, Sandhagen extended his winning streak to three fights and sent a clear message to the champion.

In the co-main event, Tatiana Suarez, a standout wrestler, made a statement of her own by submitting former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade in the second round. Suarez’s grappling dominance was on full display as she effortlessly took Andrade down and secured a tight submission. This victory positions Suarez as a formidable threat in the division and puts her in line for a title shot.

Other notable performances on the card included Dustin Jacoby’s quick win over Kennedy, defending his No. 15 spot in the light heavyweight rankings. Diego Lopes, Tanner Boser, and Carlston Harris also impressed with their respective victories earlier in the night.

Overall, UFC on ESPN 50 delivered an action-packed night of fights in Nashville. Cory Sandhagen’s dominant win and Tatiana Suarez’s impressive submission victory were the highlights of the event. MMA fans can expect exciting matchups and potential title contenders to emerge from this thrilling card.

Fighters Result
Cory Sandhagen vs. Rob Font Sandhagen def. Font by unanimous decision
Tatiana Suarez vs. Jessica Andrade Suarez def. Andrade by submission (Round 2)
Dustin Jacoby vs. Kennedy Jacoby def. Kennedy by TKO (Round 1)
Diego Lopes Defeated opponent
Tanner Boser Defeated opponent
Carlston Harris Defeated opponent