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Cory Sandhagen’s Injury Revealed: Fought Rob Font with One Arm

Discover the latest MMA news: Cory Sandhagen’s injury revealed, Conor McGregor’s disinterest in Michael Chandler fight, and Kendra Lust’s support for Aljamain Sterling. Read more for all the details!

Cory Sandhagen, known for his toughness, showcased his resilience by fighting Rob Font with only one functional arm at UFC Nashville. Despite sustaining a tricep tear in the first round, Sandhagen managed to go the distance and secure a unanimous decision victory. The injury was confirmed by Sandhagen himself in an Instagram post after the fight. He is scheduled to undergo surgery and will require a six-month recovery period.

Henry Cejudo, a former bantamweight champion, has taken this opportunity to call for a title shot against Sandhagen. Both Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling criticized Sandhagen’s lack of excitement in his game plan, highlighting his reliance on wrestling.

Conor McGregor’s Disinterest in Michael Chandler Fight

In a recent Twitter spree, Conor McGregor expressed his disinterest in a potential fight against Michael Chandler. McGregor casually mentioned that the UFC no longer has an interest in booking him against Chandler, citing the availability of other options. However, McGregor emphasized his willingness to fight anyone.

Chandler responded to McGregor’s comments with a cold prediction for their potential fight. Since Justin Gaethje became the new BMF champion, McGregor has been eyeing a title fight and has been engaging in a feud with Gaethje.

Kendra Lust’s Support for Aljamain Sterling

Adult entertainment star Kendra Lust, known for her interest in MMA, recently voiced her support for Aljamain Sterling. Lust took to Twitter to comment on Sterling’s impressive physique, predicting that he would pose a challenge for his opponent, Sean O’Malley, at UFC 292. Lust even suggested that the TD Garden Arena crowd might chant ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ to boo O’Malley, a slogan originally used by WWE fans to mock John Cena.

Sterling is set to face O’Malley at UFC 292 on August 19, 2023, at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fight Result
Cory Sandhagen vs. Rob Font Sandhagen wins via unanimous decision

Key Points

  • Cory Sandhagen fought Rob Font with a torn tricep, relying on one functional arm.
  • Sandhagen confirmed the injury on Instagram and will undergo surgery, requiring a six-month recovery period.
  • Henry Cejudo calls for a title shot against Sandhagen, criticizing his lack of excitement in his game plan.
  • Conor McGregor expresses disinterest in a fight against Michael Chandler, claiming the UFC has other options.
  • Kendra Lust supports Aljamain Sterling, predicting a challenging fight against Sean O’Malley at UFC 292.