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Dana White’s Untold Boxing Journey: Would He Have Beaten Tito Ortiz?

Discover the untold boxing journey of Dana White and the potential matchup he could have had against former UFC champion Tito Ortiz. Would White have emerged victorious? Find out here.

Dana White, the man synonymous with the UFC, has made a name for himself as the President of the biggest MMA organization in the world. However, many are unaware of his own journey in the world of boxing and the potential matchup that could have taken place between him and former UFC champion Tito Ortiz .

From Valet to Boxer

Before his rise to prominence in the fight business, Dana White had dreams of becoming a professional boxer. Starting at the age of 17, he laced up his boxing gloves and even became friends with former Golden Gloves champion, Peter Welch. Despite his passion for combat sports, White never competed in an official MMA fight, whether professional or amateur.

Igniting the Fight Business

White’s relationship with Peter Welch sparked his interest in the fight business. Together, they started a boxing gym in Boston. However, White eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he continued to run boxercise gyms and dabbled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the guidance of John Lewis.

From Manager to UFC President

Although White initially began his journey as a manager for fighters like Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, he eventually took over the UFC’s affairs and became the organization’s President. Despite his busy schedule, White never lost his desire to step into the ring himself. During his heydays, he even sparred with ‘Bad Boy’ Ortiz.

The Failed Boxing Showdown

In 2007, Tito Ortiz signed a contract that included a stipulation for a boxing match against Dana White. Ortiz, a former UFC champion, wanted to face off against his former manager. Unfortunately, the fight fell apart when the commission got involved, and Ortiz failed to show up at the weigh-ins.

White expressed regret over the failed matchup and claimed that he would have defeated Ortiz in a boxing match. He even went as far as to say, ‘I would’ve beat the living sh*t out of Tito. And he knows it, and that’s why he didn’t do it.’

A Costly Endeavor

The fallout from the failed boxing showdown had consequences for Dana White. He found himself on the wrong side of the state commission and was unable to realize his dream of stepping into the boxing ring for an official match. Ultimately, White decided to call off his boxing career due to the tradeoffs and the risks associated with CTE in the sport.

A Childhood Dream Unfulfilled

Once White assumed his role as a manager and later as the UFC President, he no longer had the time or opportunity to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a professional boxer. Despite this, his passion for combat sports and his brief foray into the boxing world remain a relatively unknown aspect of his life.

What if Dana White and Tito Ortiz had faced off in a boxing match? Would White have emerged victorious as he claims? The answer remains a mystery, but it’s an intriguing aspect of Dana White’s journey that sheds light on his relentless pursuit of greatness in the fight business.

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