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Daniel Cormier’s Thoughts on Joe Rogan and Laura Sanko in UFC Commentary

Daniel Cormier shares his thoughts on Joe Rogan and Laura Sanko in UFC commentary, praising Sanko’s dedication and expertise. He also discusses Michael Chandler’s approach to a potential bout with Conor McGregor.

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Daniel Cormier’s Thoughts on UFC Commentary Daniel Cormier expresses his admiration for Joe Rogan and Laura Sanko in UFC commentary, highlighting Sanko’s commitment and hard work. He praises her preparation and contributions to the broadcast team.
Daniel Cormier’s Take on Michael Chandler’s Approach to Conor McGregor Cormier believes that Michael Chandler’s pursuit of a fight with Conor McGregor appears desperate and gives McGregor the upper hand. He compares the situation to a ‘mixed martial arts soap opera’.

Daniel Cormier’s Perspective on UFC Commentary

Daniel Cormier recently shared his thoughts on the UFC commentary team, specifically discussing Joe Rogan and Laura Sanko. While Rogan has been the voice of the UFC for many fans, Sanko’s addition to the broadcast team has received high praise from the former ‘champ-champ’. Sanko, a former fighter and analyst, made her debut as a commentator at UFC 293.

Sanko’s previous experience with backstage interviews and commentating on the ‘Contender Series’ show highlights her dedication and expertise in the sport. Cormier expressed that she is one of the hardest working individuals he has encountered during his time with the broadcast team.

In a recent interview with MMAFighting, Daniel Cormier discussed his role as part of an impressive broadcast team in combat sports. Alongside long-standing commentators Joe Rogan and Jon Anik, Cormier acknowledged the significant contribution Laura Sanko has made as a replacement for Rogan at UFC Fight Night events. He praised Sanko’s commitment to thoroughly studying multiple fights, emphasizing her diligence compared to others.

Cormier commended Sanko, Megan Olivi, and Jon Anik for their unmatched level of preparation. He stated that he has never seen individuals prepare at the same level as these three. Cormier highlighted Sanko’s progression from UFC quick hits to the Contender Series and now calling fights, describing her contributions as tremendous.

According to Cormier, the UFC is fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated group of analysts, commentators, and broadcasters. Sanko’s continuous contributions to the broadcast team have not gone unnoticed, and her work ethic has set her apart, making her a valuable asset to the UFC.

However, while Sanko received praise from Cormier, he also expressed his disappointment with how Michael Chandler has handled his pursuit of a bout with Conor McGregor .

Daniel Cormier’s Take on Michael Chandler’s Approach to Conor McGregor

Daniel Cormier shared his perspective on the ongoing saga between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor . Cormier believes that Chandler is taking the wrong approach in seeking a fight with McGregor.

In a YouTube video, Cormier expressed his views on the matter. While Chandler eagerly awaits the matchup, Cormier perceives a hint of desperation in his pursuit, which contributes to McGregor’s dismissive stance.

Cormier stated, ‘Mike has been constantly chasing Conor. It has reached a point where, and I don’t like saying this because Chandler is one of my buddies, it’s almost desperate to fight Conor McGregor .’

Chandler, who has not competed since November 2022, is willing to wait for the McGregor clash. However, Cormier believes that Chandler’s continual acceptance of McGregor’s behavior gives the Irishman the upper hand.

Cormier even likened the situation to a ‘mixed martial arts soap opera’. As the uncertainty surrounding McGregor’s return and the desired matchup continues, Cormier’s analysis sheds light on the complex dynamics of the situation.