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Derrick Lewis’s Devastating Knockout at UFC 291 Leaves Opponent in Pain

Read about Derrick Lewis’s devastating knockout at UFC 291 and the impact it had on his opponent. Discover the aftermath of the fight and the toll it took on Marcos Rogerio de Lima.

Last weekend at UFC 291, Derrick Lewis delivered a knockout that left fans in awe. With a wild flying knee, Lewis connected perfectly to the jaw of Marcos Rogerio de Lima, sending him crashing to the canvas. The aftermath of the fight, however, revealed the extent of the damage suffered by de Lima.

In an interview with Super Lutas, de Lima described the trauma he experienced from Lewis’s heavy strikes. He spoke about the pain and disappointment he felt, not only from the loss but also from the criticism he received from fans.

De Lima explained that he felt confident before the fight, sensing that Lewis was apprehensive. However, Lewis’s sudden rush caught him off guard, and the devastating knee left him unable to react. De Lima revealed that his teeth were loose, making it difficult for him to eat properly.

The defeat ended de Lima’s two-fight winning streak and left him with a UFC record of 10-7. On the other hand, Lewis’s victory improved his overall UFC record to 18-9 and puts him in a favorable position as he enters free agency.

With this impressive win, Lewis may be on the path to a massive payday, potentially facing Francis Ngannou, whom he previously defeated in 2018. As fans continue to support their fighters, it is crucial to acknowledge the physical toll that fights can take on the athletes.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Derrick Lewis Win
Marcos Rogerio de Lima Loss

Key Points

  • Derrick Lewis delivered a devastating knockout with a flying knee at UFC 291.
  • Marcos Rogerio de Lima suffered trauma to his teeth and disappointment from fan criticism.
  • Lewis’s victory puts him in a favorable position as he enters free agency.
  • Lewis may have the opportunity for a rematch with Francis Ngannou.

Supporting fighters and motivating them is essential as they recover from the physical and emotional toll of their fights. Let’s continue to show our support for these incredible athletes.