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Dos Anjos Disagrees with Dana White on Makhachev’s P4P Status

Former UFC champion Rafael dos Anjos challenges Dana White’s view on Islam Makhachev’s pound-for-pound status. Dos Anjos argues for Jon Jones as the true P4P king, sparking debate in the MMA world.

Dos Anjos disagrees with Dana White’s assessment of Islam Makhachev as the pound-for-pound best fighter, advocating for Jon Jones. The ongoing debate highlights conflicting views on P4P rankings in the MMA community.

Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos has expressed his disagreement with Dana White’s assessment of Islam Makhachev as the pound-for-pound best fighter. Dos Anjos believes that Makhachev still has a long way to go to surpass Jon Jones in the rankings. In a recent interview, Dos Anjos highlighted Jones’ achievements as a double-division champion and undefeated fighter, emphasizing that Makhachev’s title defenses against lower-weight class opponents do not qualify him for the top spot. While White’s opinion has garnered support, the official rankings currently place Makhachev at the top. The debate continues to stir controversy in the MMA community.

Dos Anjos vs. Makhachev Rivalry

Dos Anjos and Makhachev have a history of canceled fights, adding fuel to their rivalry. Dos Anjos’ stance on Makhachev’s P4P status reflects his belief in Jones’ unparalleled dominance in the sport.

White’s Stance and Rankings

White’s dismissal of Makhachev as the P4P king has divided opinions, with notable figures like Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre weighing in. Despite Dos Anjos’ support for Jones, the rankings panel currently favors Makhachev.

The Future of P4P Rankings

The ongoing debate surrounding Makhachev’s position in the pound-for-pound rankings raises questions about the criteria used to determine the best fighter across all divisions. With conflicting views from MMA experts, the discussion is far from over.

Fighter Opinion Reasoning
Islam Makhachev Deserves P4P Top Spot Impressive title defenses
Jon Jones Ultimate P4P Fighter Undefeated double-division champion
Rafael dos Anjos Supports Jones Emphasizes Jones’ achievements