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Dricus du Plessis Dominates Robert Whittaker: Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC 290

Dricus du Plessis dominates Robert Whittaker in a thrilling fight at UFC 290. Read about du Plessis’ impressive victory and his plans for a title shot against Israel Adesanya.

Key Points
Dricus du Plessis secures the biggest win of his career against Robert Whittaker.
Du Plessis’ game plan involved fighting southpaw and applying pressure.
He gained momentum throughout the fight and showcased his strength and stamina.
Du Plessis confidently states that he will knock out Israel Adesanya in their potential title fight.
He emphasizes the importance of his losses in shaping his career.

Dricus du Plessis delivered an impressive performance at UFC 290, securing the biggest win of his career against Robert Whittaker. In the post-fight press conference, du Plessis discussed his victory, his game plan, and his future plans.

The Biggest Win of His Career

Du Plessis expressed his excitement about his victory, stating that it was the biggest win of his career. He acknowledged the significance of facing a fighter like Whittaker, who had not lost to anyone else in almost a decade. Du Plessis confidently stated that he knew the fight wouldn’t go beyond the third round, as he was confident in his fighting style.

Analyzing Whittaker’s Style

Du Plessis discussed his strategy for facing Whittaker, mentioning that he needed to figure out his opponent’s timing and footwork. He credited his coach for helping him develop a game plan that involved fighting southpaw against a skilled striker like Whittaker. Du Plessis admitted that Whittaker hit hard and fast, but he remained focused on applying pressure and moving forward.

Seizing Momentum

Du Plessis described how he gradually gained momentum throughout the fight. He noted that Whittaker initially had some success, but as the fight progressed, du Plessis could see the doubt in his opponent’s eyes. He attributed his victory to his ability to maintain pressure and not back down.

Setting the Stage for a Title Shot

Du Plessis addressed the presence of Israel Adesanya in the cage after his fight, stating that it only solidified his belief that he is the true champion. He expressed his readiness for a title shot and emphasized that he is prepared to face Adesanya. Du Plessis dismissed any doubts about his ability to defeat Adesanya, confidently stating that he would knock him out.

Handling Controversy

Du Plessis acknowledged the potential for a controversial build-up to his fight with Adesanya. He criticized Adesanya’s behavior, stating that he should conduct himself like a champion. Du Plessis expressed his commitment to being a gentleman and a true martial artist, regardless of the promotional tactics employed by his opponent.

The Impact of Surgery

Du Plessis discussed the positive impact of his recent surgery on his performance. He revealed that he felt incredible in the fight and experienced a significant improvement in his stamina. Du Plessis credited the surgery for allowing him to maintain a high pace and overpower his opponent.

Team Mentality

Du Plessis acknowledged the support he received from his teammate, Cameron Simon, who had also won earlier in the night. He expressed pride in representing South Africa and credited the victories of his countrymen as motivation for his own success.

Looking Ahead

When asked about a potential fight with Adesanya, du Plessis confidently stated that he would knock him out, just as he did with Whittaker. He emphasized his belief in his game plan and his ability to execute it effectively.

Reflecting on an Impressive Journey

Du Plessis reflected on his journey in the UFC, expressing gratitude for the opportunities he has received. He acknowledged that facing a fighter like Whittaker on a big stage was an honor and a chance to prove himself as a top contender. Du Plessis credited his losses in the past for shaping him into the fighter he is today, emphasizing the importance of experiencing defeat to appreciate victory.


Dricus du Plessis delivered a dominant performance against Robert Whittaker at UFC 290. With his victory, du Plessis solidified his position as a top contender and set the stage for a potential title shot against Israel Adesanya. His impressive journey and commitment to his craft make him a force to be reckoned with in the UFC.

Fight Results:

Fighter Result
Dricus du Plessis Win
Robert Whittaker Loss