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Dustin Poirier Chooses UFC 299 Over UFC 300: Here’s Why

Dustin Poirier surprises fans by choosing to compete at UFC 299 instead of UFC 300. Find out why ‘The Diamond’ made this decision and what it means for his upcoming fight against Benoit Saint-Denis.

| Dustin Poirier chooses to fight at UFC 299 instead of UFC 300
| Poirier explains his decision in an interview with Ariel Helwani
| Convenience and exposure were key factors in his choice
| Poirier emphasizes that it was his own decision
| Fans can look forward to an exciting co-main event at UFC 299

Dustin Poirier, also known as ‘The Diamond,’ had initially hoped to be part of the highly anticipated UFC 300 event on April 13. However, he surprised fans by accepting a co-main event spot at UFC 299 in Miami, Florida, a month earlier. Poirier’s decision left many fight enthusiasts puzzled, as they wondered why he would opt for a lesser-known event when he had expressed interest in being part of the promotion’s milestone event.

In an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Poirier clarified the situation, revealing that it was his own choice to fight at UFC 299. He explained that he had discussed the possibility of fighting at UFC 300 with Hunter Campbell, but ultimately decided that the co-main event slot at UFC 299 made more sense.

Poirier highlighted several reasons for his decision. Firstly, the event was closer to his training camp and home, as he could easily travel from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale or Miami. This convenience would also benefit fans who wished to attend the fight. Additionally, Poirier acknowledged that being part of the co-main event at UFC 299 provided him with a bigger platform and more exposure.

Although Poirier expressed his desire to be part of UFC 300, he believed that the opportunity at UFC 299 outweighed it. He emphasized that the decision was entirely his own and that the UFC had initially offered him the fight for UFC 300.

Overall, Poirier’s choice to compete at UFC 299 instead of UFC 300 surprised many, but he explained his reasoning behind the decision during his interview with Ariel Helwani. Fans can now look forward to seeing Poirier face off against rising lightweight contender Benoit Saint-Denis in what promises to be an exciting co-main event at UFC 299.