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Dustin Poirier Reveals Surprising Strategy for UFC 291 Main Event

Dustin Poirier reveals a surprising strategy for the UFC 291 main event, emphasizing his grappling skills instead of relying solely on striking. Find out more about his game plan!

Dustin Poirier Reveals Surprising Strategy for UFC 291 Main Event

In a recent interview, Dustin Poirier, the highly acclaimed UFC fighter, shared his unexpected approach for the upcoming headline bout at UFC 291. Poirier, known for his exceptional fighting skills and strategic mindset, has left fans intrigued with his latest revelation.

Poirier, who is set to face off against a formidable opponent in the main event, has always been known for his ability to adapt and surprise his adversaries. However, his latest strategy has raised eyebrows within the MMA community.

Instead of relying solely on his renowned striking abilities, Poirier plans to showcase his underrated grappling skills in the octagon. This surprising announcement has left fans and experts speculating about the potential outcomes of the fight.

Throughout his career, Poirier has displayed remarkable versatility, seamlessly transitioning between striking and grappling techniques. His ability to mix up his approach has often caught opponents off guard and led to impressive victories.

The decision to emphasize his grappling prowess in this particular bout comes as a surprise to many, considering Poirier’s previous successes in the striking department. However, the Louisiana native believes that his grappling skills will provide him with a significant advantage against his opponent’s style.

While Poirier’s striking abilities are unquestionably top-notch, he aims to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses by utilizing his exceptional grappling technique. This unexpected strategy has generated a buzz of excitement among fans, who eagerly await the showdown at UFC 291.

In addition to his grappling skills , Poirier also highlighted his refined ground game and submission expertise. He expressed confidence in his ability to capitalize on any opportunities that arise during the fight, potentially leading to a decisive victory.

The announcement of Poirier’s unorthodox strategy has sparked intense speculation within the MMA community. Experts and analysts have begun dissecting his previous fights, searching for clues that may indicate his potential success with this new approach.

Poirier’s upcoming bout at UFC 291 promises to be a thrilling clash between two highly skilled fighters. The strategic shift in Poirier’s game plan has undoubtedly added an extra layer of excitement to the already highly anticipated event.

As fight night approaches, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness Poirier’s surprising strategy in action. Will his grappling skills prove to be the key to victory? Only time will tell as the countdown to UFC 291 continues.

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  • Dustin Poirier reveals surprising strategy for UFC 291 main event
  • Plans to emphasize grappling skills instead of relying solely on striking
  • Believes his grappling technique will provide an advantage against opponent
  • Highlights refined ground game and submission expertise
  • Strategy sparks intense speculation and excitement within MMA community


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